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What is it?
DI-O system is a radio frequency technology that allows the supervision, automation, planning schedules and build sceneries with your lights, shutters, eating and other electrical equipments.

Why radio transmission?
The DI-O radio frequency equipments easily enable renewals and upgrades in your standard power network, without adding wirings or necessity of hard work on walls, ceiling or floors.

Exclusive multicode learning technology
Each receiver can be independently controlled by several emitters. Thanks to an digital learning process, the receiver apprehends the code from several emitters to form a unique combination.

DI-O and MyFox
The MyFox security system enables the remote control and scenery programming of the DI-O solution. Additionally, security and digital surveillance features are also available with MyFox.

Do it yourself the Electric upgrades at home.
Install or upgrade your home electric network without the need of additional wiring. DI-O R.F. system can be easily installed and configured by anyone.

Confort and tranquility:
Control lamps, shutters and other electric appliances from the comfort of your couch or anywhere at your home. Take advantage of light regulation in order to create the ambiences that suites your mood.

Electric consumption management:
Economize na fatura de energia e poupe o ambiente, desligando aparelhos elétricos quando estes não estão em utilização e garanta que não se esquece de luzes acesas ao sair de casa premindo um único botão graças à função grupo do sistema DI-O.
Save in your electric bill and protect the environment, turning off the electric appliances when not in use. With DI-O group function with a simple button pressing, you’ll be certain that all lights are switched off.

An additional switch is needed because the existing one is not enough and/or is misplaced
Easily install an extra wireless switch and a micro receiver into the existing switch, without breaking walls or extra wiring.

The electric switch is inaccessible for some persons;

Install yourself an extra wireless switch in a better location;

You are relaxed in your sofa and you need to turn on/off the light;
Turn the light on/off using a remote control and keep relaxed;

Your multimedia appliances stay in standby wasting valuable energy;

Turn it completly off with a single button.

Night falls when you are still outside playing or working;
The light sensor will turn the lights on when there isn’t enough clarity;

Your house is not protected against intruders when no one is at home;
The exterior motion sensor will activate one or several lights inside, giving the idea that someone is at home.

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