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Easy X10

The Easy-X10 home automation modules allow easy and immediate control of lighting and any other electrical equipment that can be plugged into a socket.

The different X10 actuators can be applied in light bulbs, plug-in lamps and other electrical devices, such as TV sets, sound systems, fans, heaters, washing machines, etc. This way, we guarantee the traditional operation using the switches on those devices, allowing a timer control, local control by means of an IR/RF control or even remote control by telephone or internet.

Replacing traditional switches by X10 switches is the easiest option to automate lighting or motorised circuits (blinds), in which it is not possible to use screw-in or socket modules The switches operation in switched circuits (with more than one switch for the same lamp or circuit) can be maintained. Please check the detailed information about the installation and operation of X10 switches.

Easy-X10 devices main advantages:

  • Easy to install - you need only to connect the easy-X10 module to the socket or the screw thread of the lamp you wish to automate. Replacement of switches by X10 equivalents is recommended for automating lighting circuits or blinds;
  • Easy to configure - using mechanical selectors or electronic addressing;
  • They allow local control by means of IR/X10 controls for regulating light intensity or device actions;
  • They maintain the traditional operation of the devices;
  • No extra wiring is required;
  • They allow remote control of the devices by phone or internet;
  • They enable the creation of macros or scenarios;
  • Interaction with security and surveillance systems.

You might find modules that are slightly different in terms of appearance or operation, and which are meant for the same purpose. This is due to the continuous development of the protocol and the associated hardware.

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