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Frequent questions about warranties


All products have an operational warranty ensured by the brand. In case of defective products (origin or manufacturing problem), you must notify EuroX10, which is responsible for managing the process.


All products have at least a two (2) year warranty (if it is longer it will be indicated) against manufacturing defects. Due to the nature of the products and their use, any other anomalies arising from the misuse of the products outside their dynamic limits are not included in the warranty. All faults shall always be examined by EuroX10 before activating the product's warranty. If by any chance cases of misuse occur, the customer can request a repair and will receive a quotation for it.

Beginning of the warranty period

The warranty begins on the date of the product acquisition that corresponds to the date of the invoicing. That document is the proof of purchase. For this reason EuroX10 advises the customer to always keep the original invoice of the purchased products.


We guarantee that all products are packaged without any anomaly in accordance with the packaging standards;
Right after the arrival of your order you should verify if the product was damaged during shipment;
When you receive your order via carrier, open it in front of the carrier representative and you should refuse to accept the material if you find any anomaly and make your complaint explaining why you refused it;
Afterwards contact us by e-mail explaining what happened in order to request the return of your products. To do so you must provide us your data so we can confirm your identity.
We guarantee that if there is any damage to the material during transportation and if these rules have been followed, your order will be sent again and the delivery expenses shall be our responsibility.


The delivery deadline depends on the existing stock.
We are not responsible for any damage resulting from the use of any products of this store.
We guarantee that all personal data you provide us (addresses, phone numbers, e-mail, etc.), as well as all purchases done in our store will only be used internally. The data you provide us will NOT be divulged or sold to other entities.
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