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Frequent questions about online assistance

What is it?

The online assistance is a chat window where, in real time, you can ask questions about the products and/or services, and those questions will be immediately answered.

How do I login?

In order to login just indicate your name or nickname and the area in which you have doubts.

Is it necessary to install a program on my computer in order to enter the online assistance?

It is not necessary to install a programme; the application works like any other webpage.

Is the online assistance available at any time of day?

The online assistance is available during the office’s schedule, i.e., from 9h to 13h and from 14h30 to 18h30.

Is anyone monitoring the webpages I am visiting?

The assistant who will answer your questions has access to your history in our portal, and may refer to pages you visited before, or suggest new pages and/or products.

The assistant can move the page I am visiting while I am speaking to him. Does this mean he has remote access to my computer?

No. The assistant can only change the pages he sees with your permission and only the EuroX10 portal pages. He does not have access to your computer.

Do they store my data? And my history?

EuroX10 can only access the browsing history for statistical purposes and only the EuroX10 pages you have visited in the last 24 hours.

Can I ask questions even if the assistant is offline?

If you click on the application when it appears with the indication that the assistant is offline, a standard page will appear on the screen. You should fill in that page and write your questions which will be sent to the assistant and answered as soon as possible.
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