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The micro-modules were developed in order to facilitate the use of X10 in houses already built. These extremely small modules allow electrical items to become automatic and keep the current electrical appliances.

Micro-modules’ main advantages:
  • They can be installed in houses already built;
  • They can be installed behind conventional switches or junction boxes;
  • They are invisible to the user;
  • Any electrical appliance can be used (switches and mirrors), by any manufacturer, keeping the equipment’s design and colour according to your preferences;
  • No extra wiring is required (1);
  • They can be used to control different charges: lights (incandescent, fluorescent and halogen), blinds or any other electrical equipment (2);
  • Create advanced macros;
  • They can be programmed to receive and/or send group addresses (All Lights ON, All Lights OFF, etc.);
  • Modular and flexible system; new modules to be easily added;
  • Compatible with all X10 equipment (commands, alarm centres, controllers, etc.).

(1) Some micro-modules need a neutral wire.
     This wire might not be available in every junction box.
(2) ) As long as it is within the module’s power limits.

With the exception of the AW12 and LW12 micro-modules, the rest use an X-10 protocol development. This new protocol allows a bidirectional communication , using advanced instructions. In these cases the message reception is confirmed. In addition to the bidirectionality, the signal is sent with greater intensity allowing a better signal/noise relation (SNR), thus minimizing the transmission failures. The more recent modules include a noise filter, guaranteeing that the noise generated by a connected electrical charge does not affect the existing network.

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