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Professional X10

The X10 Professional elements are the best option for automating residential areas under construction or refurbishment, since they usually require unconventional electrical infra-structures.

They are meant to be handled by Professional installers.

Main characteristics of the X10 professional modules:
  • Meant for spaces under construction or refurbishment;
  • Suitable for residential spaces with larger areas or three-phase networks;
  • They are invisible to the user;
  • Any electrical appliance can be used (switches and mirrors), by any manufacturer, keeping the equipment’s design and colour according to your preferences;
  • Usually they require unconventional electricity networks;
  • They can be used to control different charges: lights (incandescent, fluorescent and halogen), blinds or any other electrical equipment;
  • They allow significantly higher powers;
  • Suitable for interaction with equipment other than X10 such as security centrals, boilers or air conditioning;
  • They can be programmed to receive and/or send group addresses (All Lights On, All Lights Off, etc.);
  • Compatible with all X10 equipment (controls, alarm centres, controllers, etc.).

You might find modules that are slightly different in terms of appearance or operation, and which are meant for the same purpose. This is due to the continuous development of the protocol and the associated hardware. Please refer to the comparative tables for equivalent modules, should there be any doubts about the best equipment to use.

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