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How does it work?

The Z-Wave is not closed on itself, allowing integration with other protocols or traditional systems including security, surveillance, HVAC, multimedia, among others.

Z-Wave arguments:
Simplicity: Any electrical equipment is capable of being controlled by Z-Wave, simply connect the device to a Z-Wave module suitable and add it to your Z-Wave network;
Modularity: Z-Wave works with 2 or 200 devices and new devices may be added at any time. We can control by Z-Wave a single device, a division, a floor or the entire building according to the needs;
Economic: Unlike protocols that require previous infrastructure with tubes and special cables, Z-Wave is cheap and can be installed by anyone.
Powerful: The Z-Wave "mesh" network can understand, in real time, the status of any device. Confirms orders sent to devices and updates their status on the Z-Wave network, in the case of direct drive;
Versatility: The Z-Wave protocol can be added to virtually any electrical appliance of a household, allowing the monitoring and control of it, both at home and remotely.
Intelligence: After inclusion of actuators and controllers in a Z-Wave home, we can take advantage of our electrical appliances as if they were a team. We can cross information between various devices to create scenarios facilitators of trivial tasks, of security or leisure. The garage door can "send" switch the lights ON when it’s opened, the lock on the front door notifies us when children arrive or leave, and our Z-Wave virtual butler will close the shutters at a given time. Simple examples of what you can achieve with Z-Wave.

Important facts about Z-Wave:
More than 700 Z-Wave certified products with more than 12 million Z-Wave devices installed worldwide;
Mostly used in residences but more and more user in service buildings. Hundreds of hotels are equipped with Z-Wave being the maximum exponent of this technology the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, with more than 65,000 devices installed;
The Z-Wave protocol is actively supported by 160 producers and service providers around the world;
Designed specifically for control actions, monitoring and status request without interference from the Wi-Fi protocol and other devices that work at 2.4Ghz.
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