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HDIK30 - IR extender over HDMI
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The ebode IR over HDMI set, HDIK30 contains two IR Adapters, one IR Receiver and one IR Blaster. These products are used for the ebode HDMI splitters (HDSPLIT12 and HDSPLIT14), switchers (HDSWITCH31 and HDSWITCH51) and could also be used as a stand-alone IR over HDMI solution. This kit features two selectable IR modes; CEC and IR. CEC is used when your device (TV, DVD, STB etc.) is CEC compatible. When your device is CEC compatible* you do not need to use the included IR Receiver and IR Blaster since receiving and sending of IR is done over the IR Receiver build into your TV and sources (DVD, STB etc.).

Technical information

  • Dual band IR Blaster and Receiver;
  • HDMI Male to Female Adapter;
  • Blaster and receiver support 30KHz – 60 KHz wide band IR;
  • 3.5mm Stereo Jack connector for IR;
  • Blaster and receiver working distance 3-5m;
  • IR over HDMI up to 100 meters;
  • No external power adapter required;
  • Switch between IR or CEC mode;

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