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LS 5.2.2 - LightSpeaker
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Nothing is more powerful than music. In a single note, it has the ability to make you laugh, cry, dance, even take you back to an exact moment in time. Now, the magic of music blends with cutting edge LED Lighting technology to bring you a whole new way to experience music in your home – hidden within your light fixture!

ebode LightSpeaker is truly in a class of its own as it combines low consumption LED Lighting with wireless sound in one easy ‘plug and play’ system. You screw it in like a bulb in any standard E27 fitting large enough to accommodate it - including pendants, lamps and recessed lighting.


Reduces Lighting Expenses & Environmental Friendly

The ebode LightSpeaker reduces daily lighting expenses as it uses just 10 watts of power to produce light that’s equivalent to a 65 watt incandescent bulb. The LED contains no mercury or halogen gasses and, unlike incandescent bulbs, produces almost no heat. The dimmable LED produces 40,000 hours of light. Under typical conditions the LED Light module will only need changing roughly every 15 years.

The system provides great flexibility to the owner, as it can easily be removed when moving house, since it leaves no trace (holes in the walls for example) that the system was ever installed and used.

Ease of Installation

The system can be installed into any home easily, and without any expensive and complicated wiring, in just a few minutes. As the speaker fits a standard E27 socket the placement possibilities are endless: your home theatre, living room, kitchen, bedroom, but also commercial settings like offices, museums, restaurants and hotels.

Up to two music sources - an iPod and a radio for example, can be connected to the base station, which wirelessly sends the sound to the LightSpeakers. The wireless base station or the supplied remote control allow you to control your source, music and lighting levels from anywhere in your home. Up to four pairs of LightSpeakers can be ‘paired’ to one base station.

Pack details

The LightSpeaker system includes two LightSpeaker modules, a base station, and remote control. Additional pairs of LightSpeakers will be available as optional extras.

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