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Take6IR+RF - 6 in 1 Universal remote control
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Universal Remote Control for up to 6A/V devices, including TV, DVD, VCR, X10 Home Automation products and more.
The remote can be set-up within 5 minutes and is easy to use and navigate.
As the TAKE6IR+RF has RF control, you can control equipment which is out of sight, anywhere in your house, even through walls and ceilings.


  • The remote can control up to 6 multimedia devices;
  • The remote has a built in IR codes library which covers the vast majority of multimedia equipments available in the market;
  • Built in IR signals learn function;
  • The sleep function can be programmed for every device;
  • Code protected KidSafe function. _This function blocks the access to some channels.;
  • Compatible with the IR receivers built in the Media Centers PC’s. The remote can be programmed to send the IR signals used by Windows Media Center;
  • Can control X10 equipments using IR or RF signals;
  • It can be used to control security systems like the SC-2x00 series, SC-28 and MS8000;
  • It can be configured to send RF Secure X10 signals;
  • The remote allows the user to program macros that can control multimedia and X10 devices (for scenes creation);

Technical information

  • Communication frequency (RF): 433MHz;
  • Communication range (RF): up to 100m in open field;
  • IR signals range: up to 10m;
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