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AW12 - Switch actuator with interface (few units at stock)
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The AW12 in-wall module is small enough (46 x 46 x 17 mm) to be mounted behind any standard wall switch, even most designer switches.

It is an X10 receiver module that can be controlled by any X10 controller or remote control sending X10 signals. The internal relay can also be tripped by external latched or momentary action wall switches. If a push button is used, the internal relay changes its status after a momentary press (< 1,75s). If a latched switch is used, the internal relay changes it status after 1.75s. This module is able to be used on a conventional commutation without changing the existing switches.

The AW 12 reacts to the standard X10 commands that are: "All Units On", "All Units Off", "All Lights Off" from any X-10 controller set to its house code regardless of unit code or alternatively individual unit control by "On" an "Off" commands.

House code and unit code are programmed using any X10 compatible controller. There is an EEPROM that stores the house and unit code even when the power is cut.


  • Can be programmed to receive group commands (e.g. All Units Off);
  • Compatible with all X-10 devices.

Technical information

  • Supply voltage: 230V +/- 10% 50Hz;
  • Power consumption: <1 W;
  • Maximum load: 2000W (capacity loads), 3A (inductive loads); 16A (resistive loads);
  • Ambient temperature: -10C to +40C;
  • Dimensions: 46mm x 46mm x 17mm;

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