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S4813M - In-wall filter
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Some electric devices generate some electric noise and send them to the network. This noise not only affects other devices (for instance, they can cause interference on Hi-Fi stereos) but they can also affect the quality of your X-10 network. Other devices, specially using capacity loads (e.g. UPS) absorb the X-10 signals, avoiding them to reach the destination in the best possible conditions.

The S4813M, is an in-wall module especially design to filter all noise generated from the device connected to it. It supports loads with a maximum of 5A.

For additional information about X-10 noise and interferences, please consult the X-10 Info section.


  • Filters all noise generated by a device;
  • Avoid X-10 signal absorption.


If you have any problem with your X-10 network, and you feel that a specific device is generating noise or absorbing the X-10 signals, please disconnect the device from the power supply (a TV or similar device, even in Stand-by mode, can generate noise – it is required to unplug it from the wall socket), and try again to send the X-10 signal. If you feel  that your X-10 network is more reliable, install the S4813M in-wall module on the wall socket where the device was plugged in.

Technical information

  • Supply voltage: 230V +/- 10% 50Hz;
  • Power consumption: <1 W;
  • Maximum load: 5A;
  • Supported loads: resistive, capacity and inductive;
  • Ambient temperature: -10C to +50C;
  • Receiving signal sensitivity: 25mVpp;
  • Dimensions: 43.25mm x 47mm x 18.9mm.

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