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XM10E - Two-Way PLC Interface
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Sends and receives X10 signals.
Develop your own products compatibles with the X10 system.
Connect it to an AC power supply, and to an OEM product trough a phone line. Includes an error detector.


If you know how to send and receive communications type RS232 with your computer or any electric device, you can develop your own software compatible with the X10 system without developing a X10 communication equipment.

Technical information

Power: 230V / 50Hz


By default the Plug type sent is the European (compatible with all European sockets, except the one from the UK).
If you wish to order another Plug type, when you place your order, please refer the type of plug that you want in the observations field.
The available Plug types are:

  • E - European;
  • U – United Kingdom ;

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