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Take10 - 10 in 1 Universal remote control
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Universal Remote Control for up to 10 A/V devices, including TV, DVD, VCR, X10 Home Automation products and more.
You don’t have to remember which network is on which channel, as the brightly displayed network icons on the full-colour LCD make it easy to surf different channels.
With your favourite personal buttons you have quick access to all your favourite channels. The remote can be set-up within 5 minutes and is easy to use and navigate.
As the TAKE10 has RF control, you can control equipment which is out of sight, anywhere in your house, even through walls and ceilings.


  • Built in 2”color LCD;
  • Multi-language menus: english, french, german, spanish, italian, russian and dutch;
  • The remote can control up to 10 multimedia devices;
  • The remote has a built in IR codes library which covers the vast majority of multimedia equipments available in the market;
  • Built in IR signals learn function;
  • The sleep function can be programmed for every device;
  • Code protected KidSafe function. _This function blocks the access to some channels.;
  • Compatible with the IR receivers built in the Media Centers PC’s. The remote can be programmed to send the IR signals used by Windows Media Center;
  • Can control X10 equipments using IR or RF signals;
  • This remote control has the ability to control different house codes;
  • It can be used to control security systems like the SC-2x00 series, SC-28 and MS8000;
  • It can be configured to send RF Secure X10 signals;
  • The remote allows the user to program macros that can control multimedia and X10 devices (for scenes creation);

Technical information

  • Communication frequency (RF): 433MHz;
  • Communication range (RF): up to 100m in open field;
  • IR signals range: up to 10m;
  • Power supply: 3x 1.5V alkaline AA batteries;

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