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11423108 - Video intercom with integrated camera and 2x3 keys
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IP Helios, with integrated video camera, intercom and 2x3 keys.
The IP Helios is an advanced IP video door phone based on SIP standard, competitively priced and easy to use.
The IP Helios combines professional design and technology features with excellent picture quality, ease of deployment and broad interoperability with 3rd party SIP products.


IP communication:
Communication over IP is provided by the SIP protocol. Video and voice is transmitted via LAN or Internet.

(optional) Card reader:
An installed card reader offers another resource for access to the building. Up to 500 proximity cards or key fobs are available. If the reader module is connected tothe PC, it is possible to check the entries and departures of the individual card holders. If the door is forced, an alarm announcement will be sent.

(optional) Additional switch:
It is intended to be used with the other devices i.e. door locks, barriers, lighting, CCTV, etc. An additional switch is an optional module that can be installed additionally.

Time scheduling:
Allows the user to be reachable at all times. The user entry communication will be transferred according to predefined priorities. Entry Access would be granted based on automatic time scheduling.

Web based programming:
For easier setting up the parameters, Helios IP has the web based programming interface. Its possible to acces the configuration tool from any place in the network and maintain the device remotely.

A connected video camera makes possible visual inspection of those, who are entering building. The picture can be sent either to a PC or Video Phone.


Apartment building

  • LAN structure solution

  • Video and voice are transferred through data base network

  • Comfortable and secure way to see and allow entry to a visitor

  • Call is transferred to the particular flat via LAN. Reliable solution for a block of flats with data structure. The call from the Helios is accepted on the IP video phone or PC.

    Remote access

  • Be reachable at all times

  • Opening the door via PC or Smart Phone from any place

  • Talk too and see your visitor

  • Solution for companies with/without receptionist, after hours etc… The receptionist is not at the desk and the SIP based PBX transfers the call to the Smart Phone or remote PC. Call can then be answered and door opened remotely.


  • Communication occurs via LAN network

  • Zero costs for calls

  • Transfer of voice and video directly to IP video phone or PC

  • Communication for door entry over IP protocol is performed in a state of art meaner. Over IP protocol it is possible not only to communicate with the person standing in front of the entrance, but it is also possible to see and let them enter. All is needed is Sip VoIP phone or PC.

    Technical information

  • Number of buttons: 1 to 54 (up to 500)
  • Interconnection: Direct SIP calls or SIP proxy
  • Power: PoE (IEEE 802.3 af) or external power supply 12V (optional, not included)
  • Supported protocols: SIP 2.0 (RFC 3261) /TCP /IP /UDP. RTP /HTTP /ARP, ICMP, DHCP, DNS, TFTP, NTP, G.711 (A/u-law)
  • Audio codecs: G.711 (A/u-law)
  • Dimensions - 100x210x29 mm
  • Video codecs: H.264 baseline real-time video codec (at QCIF, QVGA, CIF or VGA resolution) up to 30 frames per second.

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