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MCool_Start - Momit Cool starter kit
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Momit iot devices learn from the user’s preferences and habits to ensure their comfort at any time.
Energy costs are usually caused by antiquated and inefficient heating and cooling systems.
momit Technology ensures that no energy is wasted, with the friendly Apps and the differentiated functionalities such as: Geolocation, Presence or My Budget
78% of momit Smart Thermostat users save more than 30% in their energy bill*

Your smartphone will be your remote control
momit Cool will learn the functions of your existing IR remote control to replace it
Attach momit Cool to the split near the IR sensor
In a few simple steps with momit Cool App assistant, your smartphone will now be your remote control
Cordless – battery operated momit Cool operates with low power 6LoWPAN technology


The momit Cool App allows the remote control of the device as simply as possible.


Cordless: It works with AA alkaline batteries.
Temperature and Humidity: Humidity sensor for efficient monitoring and statistics.
My Budget: Allows to set a monthly energy budget.
Geolocation: System that turns on and off according to your position.
Hot & cold control: Keep control of the temperature of your house from your mobile.
Weather Forecast: Access to the weather forecast of up to 7 days with your momit Cool App.
App control from all mobile devices.
Smart mode: Learns from your lifestyle habits.
6LoWPAN communication protocol between the Gateway and the momit Cool.
Schedule: Program intervals per day as much as needed, as well as holiday programming.
Hysterisis: Calculates the average time that takes each household to achieve optimum temperature.


The user will be able to:
Set intervals to switch on/off the AC.
Configure advanced functions anytime and anywhere.
Access temperature, humidity and savings statistics.

momit Cool App, will learn from the user preferences to suggest configurations based in preferences.

With My Budget it is possible to manage the energy bill
Create a monthly budget.
Know the daily energy usage.
Choose the best program that fits daily habits and save more energy.
Receive notifications to reach budget goals.
My Budget continuously observes the home's thermal behavior to collect information about users preferences and habits: it can simulate what will happen inside and outside home during the next month. My Budget can calculate spending and energy use through energy bills data and AC information.

momit Cool knows when the user is away from home and turns off the AC automatically , avoiding unnecessary consumption.

Compatible with 100% of infrared air conditioning cooling systems.


Technical information

•6LoWPAN communication protocol with the momit Cool.
•Environment: indoor.
•Wireless: IEEE 802.15.4.
•Ethernet interface

Pack details

momit Cool Starter Kit includes:
momit Cool + Gateway

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