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msmart - momit Smart Thermostat
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You’re the only one who has control over your home’s temperature, at your fingertips, thanks to the momit Smart Thermostat App.

Get ready to see a change in your energy bill and save up to 30%.

Enjoy the comfort brought to you by momit Smart Thermostat.


App control:
Through the momit Smart Thermostat App, you can make all adjustments you need without leaving your sofa.

It learns from your habits to ensure real savings and a maximum level of comfort.

momit Smart Thermostat has a touchscreen where you can make all adjustments, making sure you're in control even if you lose Internet connection.

Heat and cold control:
Have complete control over your home’s temperature. You can adjust the temperature through the App or from the thermostat’s touchscreen.

You can program your thermostat according to your schedule to optimize energy savings.

momit Smart Thermostat turns the heating system on or off based on your location so that you enjoy the perfect temperature when you get home.

momit Smart Thermostat has WiFi connection, which makes it fast to connect to the Internet. Just like that, momit takes care of you.

With its motion sensor, momit Smart Thermostat detects whether someone is home or not, turning off the heating if there’s no presence to avoid unnecessary energy consumption.

Light intensity can vary your home’s temperature. This is why the Ambient sensor detects whether there are changes in light to optimize your HVAC system.

Weather forecast:
You will be able to see the week's temperature on the thermostat or App.


Is momit Smart Thermostat compatible with my home?

mmomit Smart Thermostat is compatible with 95% of heating and cooling systems. In just a few seconds, check to see if your HVAC system is compatible using the compatibility test.

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