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ZWdan LC13 - Z-Wave controlled Radiator Thermostat - Danfoss Living Connect LC-13
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Living connect® LC-13 is a Z-Wave controlled electronic radiator thermostat with a new firmware. It is controlled by either a Z-Wave compatible Controller or a central device called Danfoss LinkTM CC. The Danfoss LinkTM CC can also control hydronic and electrical floor heating and on/off switches in a building. living connect® uses Z-Wave wireless communication technology, is easy to install and is supplied with adapters for all thermostatic valves manufactured by Danfoss and most other radiator valve manufacturers.

Living connect® is battery powered, compact and very easy to operate with only three buttons on the front.

Additionally the temperature can be set wirelessly to a certain set point. The device has a scheduler inside that allows to set up to 9 different set point for each day of a 7 day week. This means that energy saving is even achieved when the controlling device is offline or not working. Local buttons can always overwrite the scheduled setting. living connect® features an open-window function, which closes the valve if the temperature in the room is falling dramatically.


The livinng connect can be mounted to valves with standard M30x1.5 connector or Danfoss RA / K.

Technical information

  • Easy to operate - only three buttons
  • Open window function
  • Valve exercise function
  • PID control (precise control)
  • Adaptive learning
  • Weekly programs with adjustable
  • Temperature set-backs
  • Battery lifetime 2 years
  • Min./max. temp. limitation
  • Child lock
  • Holiday/away function

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