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ZWtkbTZ66-S - Z-Wave Single Paddle Wall Switch
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The TZ66 single wall switch is switching attached loads and is controlled either by the local switching paddle or remotely via the Z-Wave wireless protocol It is included and controlled in a Z-Wave network by a remote control, a wireless control centre or any other kind of Z-Wave controller including a PC-software.
Beside the local switch the unit can control other Z-Wave units remotely in up to three additional Z-Wave groups, which are associated with this device. Tipping one time or two times the switching paddle performs the control. The left paddle controls the local load while the right paddle remotely controls Z-Wave associated devices only. The association of further Z-Wave devices needs to be done by a Z-Wave controller. The unit is powered by 230V power and needs a pattress box with 230 V power wires for installation. The unit is shipped completely with electronics, switching paddle and mounting frame in arctic white HomePro style. The mounting frame can be replaced by another mounting frame of the HomePro switching series. The unit is designed for use within a 3-wire system, which means that a neutral wire (blue) is needed for operations.


  • Power rating: 230V, 50 Hz;
  • Wiring: 3-wire system;
  • Maximum loads: all loads up to 6 A;
  • Wireless behavior: receiver and transmitter if further units are associated;
  • Z-Wave type: slave;
  • Distance: up to 30 m in buildings;
  • Display: 1 blue LED shows switching status;
  • Interaction: one button for switching, inclusion, exclusion and association;
  • Installation: in a pattress box;


The Switch does not fit in a german 60mm pattress box!

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