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Dear Client

CentralCasa's team wishes all clients and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

May the next year bring a lot of good business opportunities and may we keep the good working relationship as we've done so far.

See you soon
CentralCasa's team
Sports Link

Sports Link

Now that Portugal qualified for the  Euro 2004, this is an excellent gift for Christmas.
The Sports Link is a device that allows you to see your movie or satellite channel on any television in your home without having to buy a video recorder or satellite receiver or additional expensive cable TV boxes without having to move cables from one division to another.

€ 50,74 € 66,36  | more info

Iparty para Ipod™ Mini
Iparty for Ipod™ Mini - AK13E

Listen to the songs of your iPod ™ (Mini) in your stereo without having to use wires, using only the controls on your reader to select the one you want to hear.
Your iPod ™ reader binds to the wireless transmitter output through headphones.
Each wireless iParty ™ transmitter has its own set of rechargeable batteries.


€ 30,05 € 60,09  | more info

Kit security Homeprotector = OFFER Smoke sensor

Solution for safety! Receive a phone message in case of emergency, regardless of where you are.
Among many other functions has the capacity simulate presence, allows saving energy (when the console is armed we can put the heating system in economic mode of operation
), etc.

1 x Security Center and Domótica
1 x Mini Command
1 x Movement sensor
1 x Door / Window sensor (2x 7 pieces kit)
1 x Keyboard SH600 (only in 7 pieces kit)
1 x module X10 PR2010 (only in 7 pieces kit)

OFFER: Smoke sensor- CWSD10

Kit de 4 peças - BS880/4 - € 216,06 € 272,40  | more info
Kit de 7 peças - BS880/7 - € 306,08 € 362,42  | more info

PProgrammer time + Module lamp-making =
OFFER Module lamp in thread

The purchase of one of our programmers schedules, MT10 or MT12, and a module of lamp-making, the CentralCasa offers you a lamp module, in thread, so you can connect or shut down a lamp through a command, computer or Internet.

Time programmer - MT10 or MT12
Allows monitoring of up to 8 groups of modules or individual modules. The modules can be connected or disconnected, or in the case of light can be controlled its luminous intensity. There is also the possibility to program the machines to be turned off, and keep the lights lit.
You can make 8 schedules (in the MT12 allows 64 schedules-8 per module), appliances or lights, to activate / off and also allows a mode of operation of security where it is possible to simulate the presence of movement within the home. It can be used as an alarm.

Module lamp-making - LM12G
With this module you can control the brightness of lamps (incandescent) from 40W to 350W. Simply connect the LM12G the outlet and turn on the lamp on the front of the module to be ready to operate.
Can turn on the lamp through the switch or adjust the intensity through any controller X10 as the console of control, switches X10, the Internet or mobile phone!

OFFER Module lamp in thread - LM15ES

The LM15ES consists of a lamp socket with integrated X10 module. The LM15ES applies in any of lamps socket (socket of large thread) and the lamp controlled remotely by signs X10 that are transmitted by the electricity grid.
Can control (only on / off) the lamp through any controller.

8 funções MT10 + LM12G  - € 66,55 € 83,42 | more info
64 funções MT12 + LM12G  - € 76,45 € 93,28  | more info


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