February 2008

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Welcome to the Eurox10 universe.

This new portal has several improvements. From now on we have more and better means of payment, such as PayPal. It is also possible to follow up all the stages of your order, from the moment you place it until it is delivered to you.

We also provide several electrical diagrams for equipment assembly, manuals for download, a sizing tool with simulator, online assistance, the forum, etc.

Come in, see and check out for yourself all the new available EuroX10 features.

We hope to hear from you.

See you soon
The EuroX10 team

Paypal is a simple, quick, safe and convenient method for online purchases.
By opening a virtual account associated to an actual account or credit card and transferring money to that same account, you can make purchases.
Through this payment method you do not have to reveal your credit card or bank account number, thus making your payments safer.

Manuais e drivers  

Now you can download our products’ manuals. While you examine the product, if it has a manual available, the indication “Product downloads” appears beneath the photograph.
You can also check the search engine “Manuals and drivers” in the “Support” area, so as to simplify the search.

Teclado sem fios

JA-80K Oásis
Oasis already on sale!

Oasis, the new Jablotron security console, is available on our website from the month of March.
Now you can access the console and all accessories interacting with Oasis.

With this new console, actions such as heating, lights and blinds in your home, can be controlled through an SMS or for free just by dialling your home number.

Oasis protects your car not only when it is in the garage, but also when parked outside your house. Your garage door can now be opened with the horn or headlights.

Changing batteries is no longer a problem. Oasis has original lithium batteries which last approximately three years with a normal use. The console warns you when it is necessary to change the batteries.



Easter campaign

This month we have four promotional packs of encrypted technology. Thus it is guaranteed that all the actions you command in your home through RF do not interfere with your neighbour's house nor do his actions interfere with yours.

PK2_X10_008  € 123,08 € 139,49 | more info
PK2_X10_009    € 79,33   € 89,91 | more info
PK3_X10_010  € 165,91 € 188,03 | more info
PK4_SEC_009 € 212,21 € 237,55 | more info

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 Heating system remote control through the Jablotron JA-80 alarm consoles

The Jablotron JA-80 alarm consoles can be used to remotely control (through the analogue line, GSM or the Internet) two independent heating areas.
In order for the console to be used for this function it has to work together with an AC-82 receptor and two TP-80 or TP-82 thermostats (one for each area).
The system’s operation is simple. The thermostats have to be registered on the receiver (which is connected to the heating equipment) and simultaneously the receiver has to be configured to replicate the state of the programmable outputs of the control panel. This type of configuration enables us to locally or remotely activate the programmable outputs of the control panel, so that the receiver activates its outputs according to the signals sent by the thermostats. When the console’s programmable outputs are deactivated, the receiver ignores the signals sent by the thermostats activating the heating system only, so as to maintain a room temperature of 6ºC, in order to prevent the water from freezing in the pipes..

     Controlo remoto do sistema de aquecimento através das consolas de alarme Jablotron JA-80K                           

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