March 2008
Dear client,

This month we present you with another feature of the new EuroX10 website.
On this new website you can request a project for your home, whether it is finished or still under construction. The major difference is the home automation protocol used. For spaces already finished we use the X10 technology, where the electricity network is used as a communication means, whereas for buildings under construction we favour the EIB/KNX technology.
The latter requires a dedicated wiring and infrastructure. The protocol is the most complete and professional one in the market, developed by the major brands of this type of equipment, especially designed for larger residential spaces or service buildings, such as hospitals, hotels, industrial or corporate buildings.

We expect your visit to our website, so we can help you with your project..
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The EuroX10 team
Projectos  medida  
Customized projects

In order to meet our clients’ needs, has sizing and consultancy services for home automation systems installation projects.

The project area divides its performance in two areas, participation in finished spaces and in buildings under construction or in project stage. If you would like to know more about this area, click here..


The new programmer module for PC CM15 is a development from the previous CM11 equipment.
It now has a USB connection and a more versatile power plug.
However, the most visible improvements are mainly on the ActiveHome PRO software level, European version. Years of experience in the automation market and the constant exchange of information with daily users, have allowed us to develop a sophisticated application with a vast development potential.
The CM15 is an easy to use plug & play tool, which allows the configuration of all the daily tasks of your home, such as programming the blinds to wake you up, set the timer for the irrigation periods or decrease the luminous intensity during the night, so as to not hurt your eyesight.

Reserve yours now before it is sold out!



R.I.T.A. residential gateway

The R.I.T.A. system manages the daily functions in a home, in order to optimise the living and well-being of those who live in that space. It consists in a solution which allows for an active response depending on unexpected incidents or a preventive response according to the configured comfort specifications.
It monitors all security, comfort and communication aspects, enabling the control through an easy-to-use graphic interface designed by taking into account the common user’s needs.

The solution consists in a residential Gateway, security hardware, various sensors and different actuators for controlling charges, such as lights, blinds, appliances, air conditioning systems, etc.
It has perimeter surveillance, advanced video intercom doorbell and baby monitor functions.
The main central data, such as electricity consumption or environmental parameters, can be consulted through the interface, as a way to energetically optimise the space.

This equipment works with the protocols based on carrier currents such as X10, A10 and S10, as well as the EIB/KNX, the only home automation international standard.



New Easter campaign
In order to celebrate the Easter campaign’s success, we have decided to promote the promotion!
Thus we have lowered the price of the four promotional packs of encrypted technology.

PK2_X10_008  € 110,77 € 139,49 | more info
PK2_X10_009    € 71,40   € 89,91 | more info
PK3_X10_010  € 149,32 € 188,03 | more info
PK4_SEC_009 € 212,21 € 237,55 | more info

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Differences between the CM11 and CM15

The CM15 module, which will replace the CM11, was released this month. Although the module is physically identical, there are major differences. Not only is the CM15’s memory capacity of 1400 against the CM11’s 100, but also the timing level is in minutes while the CM15’s is in seconds.
The CM15 has an RF emitter and receiver in its hardware and it can also support conditional macros and software update. Consult the comparison between both modules and software here.
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