May 2008
Dear client,

Jablotron has announced the release of a new modular alarm control panel based on the Oasis technology, the JA-82K control panel. There are new modules to be added which enable the new console to display new features. Find out about them on this newsletter.

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The EuroX10 team
Jablotron JA-82K

The controller of the JA-82K control panel can be expanded by simply connecting plug-in type modules. In its basic configuration the console has 4 wired areas. With the addition of the following modules the console gains new features:
• JA-82R – module for communications via radio allows the use of up to 50 wireless devices of the JA-8x series;
• JA-82C – Expansion module with 10 wired areas, allows the expansion of the control panel to 14 wired areas;
JA-80Y – Module for GSM communications, allows alarm communications to private numbers or monitoring centres. It also allows the system’s remote control through SMS, telephone keypad (fixed or mobile) or through the Internet (it requires the GSMLink application and communication through GPRS);
JA-80V - Module for communications through analogue line+LAN, allowing alarm communications through an analogue line, connection to monitoring centres through LAN and remote control from the Internet through the GSMLink service;
JA-80X –Module for communications through analogue lines which sends voice messages, communications with monitoring centres and remote control through the telephone’s keypad.

With the exception of the modules for communication all the other equipment can be combined in the same control panel. The JA-80V and JA-80X modules can be simultaneously connected to the same control panel.

The system can be operated by remote controls, user codes or RFID identifiers. The system can recognize up to 50 different users. Each user can be provided a 4 digit code and/or RFID identifier. In order to increase the security level we can configure the system, so that it requires the user to swipe his card and type in the code.
The system can be configured through the keypads, the PC connecting cable (it requires OLink software).
3 micro-module packs
Os micro-módulos foram desenvolvidos com o objectivo de facilitar o uso de X10 em habitações já construídas. Estes módulos, de tamanho muito reduzido, permitem automatizar qualquer elemento eléctrico mantendo a actual aparelhagem eléctrica.
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Encrypted technology
This month you can access encrypted technology at the price of standard technology. We have put all the most wanted encrypted products at the price of the generic ones.

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Turn your computer into a wireless X10 remote control and control all X10 applications through the PC without cables

With the CM19E and S1141 interfaces you can control all your X10 equipment from your PC. Each of the modules works together with software that simulates a wireless remote control on the PC’s screen. Both software programmes are available for download at
The CM19E is meant mainly for computers, which do not have a serial communication door.
The S1141is meant mainly for users who possess a serial communication door and want encoded RF communications.


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