July 2008
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We keep hearing about appliance consumption when they're in stand-by mode. That means that the appliance is in sleep mode (ready to work). When the equipment is in stand-by mode, it keeps consuming electrical energy. If the red pilot light of your television, DVD player, microwave, stereo, computer… remains on, it’s because these devices are still on.
The equipment consumption in stand-by mode might represent a significant increase in its annual electricity consumption.
This month we are launching the “save on stand-by” campaign. We’re suggesting several pieces of equipment, which allow you to save on that consumption, without having to remember to switch off all pieces of equipment, either by button or plug.
See you soon
The EuroX10 team
This month we're offering you a discount voucher on purchases over 250€ to be used on the next purchase.
On purchase amounts higher than:
250€ you receive a 14€ voucher;
500€ you receive a 30€ voucher;
1500€ you receive a 95€ voucher;
Oferta de portes  
Free postage!
With the holidays coming up, this month we are launching a free postage promotion* on purchase of a security kit**, so you can go on holidays knowing that your property is protected. .

*The value of the postage is deducted from the product’s value
**Homeprotector or Jablotron

BS880/4 € 206,77 € 214,27 | more info
BS880/7 € 296,05 € 303,55 | more info
PK8_SEC_004 € 613,13 € 620,64 | more info
PK3_SEC_006 € 272,22 € 125,45 | more info
Poupe em stand-by

Save on stand-by, buy the ECO packs
This month we’re suggesting packs which allow you to save on electricity.. All these products allow you to switch off the appliances.
Device Control € 89,85 € 96,26 | more info
RF Control  € 88,91 € 95,26 | more info
Light Reg. € 89,85 € 96,26 | more info
Light Reg. through the Switch € 134,70 € 143,49 | more info
Light Reg. with Micro-module € 125,98 € 135,20 | more info
Light Reg. with two output
€ 131,63 € 140,23
| more info


iParty for iPod Mini
Turn your summer into a party. The AK13E allows you to send your favourite songs from your iPod™ Mini to your stereo without wires. Your iPod™ player is connected to the wireless transmitter through the earphones’ output.

AK13E € 37,25 € 59,59 | more info

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How to avoid the stand-by consumption of your equipment

By using an AM12G appliance module it is possible to prevent your A/V equipment from consuming power while it is in stand-by..
They must be connected to the output of a AM12G, module, so that when we control this X10 module, it controls the module power supply, i.e., when the AM12G is activated, the equipment is in stand-by; when it is deactivated, the equipment is turned off.


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