September 2008

CentralCasa celebrates this month its 5th anniversary and we want you to celebrate with us. Each client that makes a purchase will be entitled to a 5€ voucher to be used on the next purchase. In addition, the client with the highest value purchases during October will be entitled to a totally free Powermid Dual Power Kit.

We would like to thank all our clients, not only for their trust but also for being with us for so long.

*limited to one voucher per client.

See you soon
The EuroX10 team
Fechaduras Biométricas

Biometric Locks
Open your house door without keys and using only your forefinger.
Lock system with opening by biometric validation (fingerprint).
An equipment that is easy to install and allows the user to dispense with the usual key.
With a highly appealing design, this solution can use the automatic latch and has a capacity up to 50 users.
It has an alternative opening method by means of 4 digits.
It has a sound signal in case of a break-in.

Biocav BDF1000 € 239,74 € 417,60 | more info





R.I.T.A. residential gateway

The R.I.T.A. system manages the daily functions in a home, in order to optimise the living and well-being of those who live in that space. It consists in a solution which allows for an active response depending on unexpected incidents or a preventive response according to the configured comfort specifications.
It monitors all security, comfort and communication aspects, enabling the control through an easy-to-use graphic interface designed by taking into account the common user’s needs.

The solution consists in a residential Gateway, security hardware, various sensors and different actuators for controlling charges, such as lights, blinds, appliances, air conditioning systems, etc.
It has perimeter surveillance, advanced video intercom doorbell and baby monitor functions.
The main central data, such as electricity consumption or environmental parameters, can be consulted through the interface, as a way to energetically optimise the space.

This equipment works with the protocols based on carrier currents such as X10, A10 and S10, as well as the EIB/KNX, the only home automation international standard. Integration with the Z-Wave protocol is also in progress.

R.I.T.A. | more info


This month EuroX10 is launching a new Home Automation category. Z-Wave, an international standard, is a collaboration of internationally renowned brands. It is a totally R.F. protocol with a highly developed transmission logic, which even allows message delivery confirmation.
The manufacturers are starting to developed products for this protocol and EuroX10 is proud to present the first offer of Z-Wave products. Notice the well-conceived design of the different products, with admirable construction and performance quality. This month’s domo-dica approaches in a simple way the working principle of this protocol. Check it out!

A&V Promotions

Control the appliances you want (television, cable, stereo…), from any room in the house without wires or installation.
The transmitter receives the infrared signal, converts it into a radiofrequency signal (that allows the transmission through ceilings and walls) and sends it to the receiver that is close to the device you wish to control.

VM42E € 37,37 € 44,29 | more info
VM82E  € 34,15 € 40,48 | more info
FL08 € 42,58 € 61,94 | more info
PM10 € 16,42 € 32,83 | more info


Security and Surveillance Promotions
Given the success of the last campaign, and because security and surveillance are a growing need, this month you can benefit from a 10% discount on the following products:
BS880/7 € 273,20 € 303,55 | more info
PK8_SEC_004 € 489,89 € 544,32 | more info
PK9_SEC_005 € 612,21 € 680,23 | more info
PK3_SEC_006 € 244,34 € 271,49 | more info
PK3_SEC_007 € 387,98 € 431,09 | more info
PK_VIG_AXIS_01 € 556,49 € 618,32 | more info

Portes grátis

Free postage

Since we had a great response to the free postage promotion, this month we have expanded the number of products covered. The promotion is valid only for products bearing the respective symbol. See some of those products

PK_DOM_001 | more info
PK_DOM_005 | more info
PK_X10_010 | more info
PK3-S2266M | more info
PK3-S2268M | more info
PK3_S2269M | more info
PK3_S4073 | more info

see more promotions


Z-Wave Network

A Z-Wave network is a lot more than a simple transmission of commands by radiofrequency.  All homologated devices for this technology comply with a number of features:
The repetition of the received signal (be it directed at it or not) allows a very wide range, as long as the devices are separated from one another.
The system’s automatic routing, at the time of the Z-Wave start-up, will optimize the sending of information and detect any failure.
The message delivery confirmation and order compliance is another very relevant aspect of this protocol, where any control interface will report the success of the action.
Depending on the Z-Wave actuator, we can get real-time energy consumption readings, which allow to optimize house expenditure.

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