October 2008

CentralCasa is focusing on the new Z-Wave technology.  We shall be presenting some of the products that we are proud to represent in the next editions of the newsletter.

We would like to thank all our clients, not only for their trust but also for being with us for so long.

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The EuroX10 team
Innovus MyHome

Innovus House Control + Innovus MyHome

The Z-Wave Innovus House Control Gateway is a configuration and control device for a Z-Wave network.  It allows for advanced programming such as scheduling and Z-Wave network management. 
Gateway receives all signals transiting in the Z-Wave wireless network, responding if something unusual happens.  It can also operate as a remote control from a PC or similar device.
It is the best device to configure a Z-Wave network due to its graphic interface, thanks to the Innovus My Home software, since the user can visually follow-up the process.
This element allows for real time assessment of the energy consumption of the charges controlled by Z-Wave actuators.


Video Porteiro IP Bellon

Video Porteiro IP Bellon

IP Bellon Video Intercom Doorbell

Today's world converges to digital technologies supported by IP networks, offering a wide range of services. The IP Bellon Video intercom Doorbell offers high quality audio, video and data communication to one-family houses, as well as to multi family or service buildings.
In comparison to the conventional video intercom doorbell the Bellon system offers a higher reliability, an easier installation and fewer infrastructures.
Other advantages of the digital system:
- Exclusiveness and Style – it allows for the use of extremely delicate equipment of improved design; 
- Flexibility – It allows the use of several hundred interior units and exterior intercom doorbells in the same network;
- Image capture – Capacity to store 50 images of “unanswered visitors"
- Advanced call options - The exterior intercom doorbells allow the call by means of an apartment code or by choosing the name of the resident on the list displayed on the exterior LCD;
- Programmable inputs/outputs – The Bellon equipment allows an interior doorbell to be integrated or interconnected with the opening of doors, lighting, access control, etc.

Lâmpadas económicas


Economical light bulbs for flow regulation

This month CentralCasa launches the Govena economical light bulbs range. 
This European brand of Polish origin has developed several lighting systems since 1988.  It has 19 patented systems
The Flexdigit system (patent of the brand) offers numerous possibilities for this type of light bulbs: 
- It allows an economy up to 90% in comparison to the traditional incandescent light bulb;
- Soft brightness regulation from 1 to 100%;
- Compatible with any dimmer or with any conventional switch; 
- Possibility of integration of several light bulbs in the same circuit;

We highlight the DIM20E27 light bulb which can be controlled by any dimmer, including X10 dimmable equipment.  

SW120E27 also allows a brightness regulation by means of any switch.  Check out this month’s domo-dica automation tip to see how!
Encrypted technology promotion!

The encrypted technology is suited for the places where there is a risk of RF interference between neighbouring X10 installations.
The devices receive information only of commands previously paired, preventing RF signals exterior to the house to interact with the system.

S4060 € 41,17 € 48,14 | more info
S4073  € 65,57 € 84,29 | more info
S4023 € 30,82 € 34,92 | more info
PK_X10_008 € 94,67 € 112,20 | more info
PK_X10_009 € 70,85 € 78,18 | more info
PK_X10_010 € 132,90 € 157,52 | more info

Fechaduras Biométricas

Other valid promotions 

The A&V products, Axis surveillance Pack and BIOCAV biometric lock promotions are still valid and this month we are also including theCWSD10 smoke detector, the 2268M micro-module (also in 3-unit packs).  Don’t miss this opportunity!

CWSD10 € 44,99 € 58,68 | more info
2268M € 28,55 € 33,48 | more info
Pack 2268M € 79,74 € 94,50 | more info
PK_VIG_AXIS_01 € 581,22 € 618,32 | more info
VM42E € 37,37 € 44,29 | more info
VM82E € 34,15 € 40,48 | more info
FL08 € 42,58 € 61,94 | more info
PM10 € 16,42 € 32,83 | more info
Biocav BDF1000 € 239,74 € 417,60 | more info

Portes grátis

Free postage

EuroX10 continues to offer postage in the purchase of a wide range of products.  Look for the small yellow truck on the lower left corner of the images. We are increasing the no. of products with free postage every month. Stay tuned! 

The postage is free for purchases higher than €150 !!!


see more promotions


Application example of a Govena light bulb

In order to regulate the brightness, quickly turn the switch off and on again.    SW12027 will go into a fluctuation mode. When it reaches the desired level of brightness, turn off the switch and the light bulb shall store the intensity level.  In order to change the brightness, repeat the process.


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