December 2008

Dear Client,

This month, with Christmas coming up and thinking about the presents our customers will have to buy, CentralCasa offers free postage, products offering, vouchers and a lot more.

And the winner for September’s campaign, which awarded a prize to the client with the highest purchase amount during October, is Rui Tavares, with the order no. PT081000269. He will receive a totally free Kit Powermid Dual Power.

We hope to meet your expectations!

See you soon
The EuroX10 team
Projecto Casa 2008

Projecto Casa 2008

CentralCasa was present at the Projecto Casa 2008 fair, at Exponor. This event aims to offer the visitors the most varied solutions for the house.

We believe that taking part of these events is an effective way of improving our marketing and communication strategies.

The main advantages include of taking part of PROJECTO CASA include:
- Captivating new customers;
- Launching of new products and services;
- Increase sales;
- Reinforce our brand;
- Approach customers on a more personal level;


Portes grátis


Free postage

The small yellow truck is still a hit.  And since Christmas is coming, the OFFER will continue.  Therefore, not only does the number of promotional products increase each month, but also from now on, for purchases above € 150 the postage is free*!!!
Don’t miss the opportunity, order and do not worry about transportation.  It’s on us!

*available for the following countries:
Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, United Kigdom.

Innovus SmoothRemote


Innovus SmoothRemoten

Continuing with the presentation of the new Z-Wave protocol’s products, this month we highlight the Innovus SmoothRemote control.
It is a control interface but also for Z-Wave network configuration, being therefore a vital element of this protocol.
Using SmoothRemote and an actuator (ZWIN01101 or ZWIN02101) is all you require to implement a Z-Wave network. It should be mentioned that the MyHome gateway (ZWIN03101) may help configuring this equipment, as it has a very intuitive graphic interface to assign tasks to the SmoothRemote.
These tasks may consist in the control of one sole device or the control of a group of devices, regulation of light intensity, etc.
SmoothRemote has 6 action switches and a configuration switch with 12 informative leds.



Portes grátis

Pick your gift and gain a 5€ voucher with each registration

This month, for purchases above €70, CentralCasa offers you a product of your choice.

In the final step of your purchase, after confirming payment, a window will pop-up displaying the products you can get for free.

Pick yours!

Register your EuroX10 account until the 31st of January and get a 5€ voucher to use with any purchase.

*one voucher per registry. Voucher expires one month after you get it.


Fechaduras Biométricas

Promotions valid this month 

In order to consult all the Euro X10’s valid promotions, check the list or access our webpage.

VM42E € 37,37 € 44,29 | more info
VM82E € 34,15 € 40,48 | more info
FL08 € 42,58 € 61,94 | more info
PM10 € 16,42 € 32,83 | more info

CWSD10 € 39,12 € 58,68 | more info
2268M € 28,55 € 33,48 | more info
Pack 2268M € 79,74 € 94,50 | more info
SWI20E27 € 14,40 € 15,60 | more info

BIOCAV Biometric Lock
Biocav BDF1000 € 239,74 € 417,60 | more info


Portes grátis

Receive a Voucher

This month we are offering you a discount voucher on purchases higher than 200€ to be used on a next purchase.

On purchases higher than:
200€ you receive a 11€ voucher;
250€ you receive a 14€ voucher;
500€ you receive a 30€ voucher;
1500€ you receive a 95€ voucher;


see more promotions


VL58 - VideoLink ADVANCED (5.8GHz)

Thanks to the high range transmission of the A/V signal, VL58 best suits cases in which the range of traditional 2.4 GHz systems may not be enough.

Since VL58 uses a 5.8GHz A/V signal carrier frequency, it can easily go through obstacles such as building’s walls and plates. The use of a 5.8 GHz carrier has also the advantage of making the system immune to possible interference caused by WiFi networks, microwave ovens, etc.

It should be taken into account that because the IR signals are transmitted at a lower frequency the range will be narrower.


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