March 2009
Dear client,

This month we are proud to present first-hand the new Mini Touch screen, adequate for X10 devices that allows the manual control of each system, the total control of scenarios and multiple pre-programmed events.

The novelties don't end here. The Visonic Powermax Pro series has new pieces of equipment. Access the Powermax Pro and see all the novelties we have for you.
See you soon.
The EuroX10 team

Mini touch screen

Mini touch screen
Mini touch screen

The XTS36 X10 was developed to allow the bidirectional control of the equipment activated by X10 (lighting, household appliances, blinds, etc.), the scenarios' activation by pressing a single key and automatic equipment control.

The touch screen is intuitively operated, which allows the manual control of each system, the total control of scenarios e multiple pre-programmed events.

The XTS36 has a colour 3.6” ¼ VGA touch screen. The LCD matrix has a high viewing angle of high brightness and contrast.

Due to its mounting characteristics the XTS36, when mounted on a support table, can be placed on a piece of furniture or table or it can be taken off the support table and built in a wall in an appropriate backbox.

Powermax Pro

Visonic Powermax Pro

EuroX10 has new pieces of equipment available for the Powermax Pro series.
They possess the following features:
- All the features of the Powermax Plus console;
- New design;
- RF communications at 868MHz by using the Powercode protocol;
- Possibility and use of up to 8 RFID identifiers for console control;
- Internal GSM communication module (GSM-200);
- IP Powerlink communication interface (price on request);
- Wireless controls with visual indication of the console status (MCT-237);
- Wireless external keyboard with LCD and bidirectional voice communications (MKP-151);
- Wireless carbon monoxide detector (MCT-442);

All of these products are already available for order on our website. Visit us here!

S10 promotions

X10 promotions

X10 promotions
New packs

Since security is still one of our clients' major concerns, this month we created 4 new packs to complement our range of offers in the several lines of products we distribute.

Don’t miss this opportunity!

Pack 3 - JA-80P € 209,87 | more info
Pack 3 - JA-80M € 173,43 | more info


PK_SEC_013 € 569,52 | more info


PK_SEQHP_005 € 84,28 | more info



NOVELTY Kit 3 light bulbs

New promotions

We've lowered the price of several products. Dimmer and on/off modules, several X10 micro-modules and a few Jablotron products. And we have three novelties, the micro-modules S2263M and S2267M, and a new pack of light bulbs DIM20E27.

Do not forget to check out all the promotions on our webpage.


AW10 € 38,71 € 44,24 | more info
LW11 € 45,43 € 51,92 | more info
LM12W € 23,30 € 29,12 | more info
AM12G € 23,92 € 25,63 | more info
LM12G € 23,92 € 25,63 | more info


AW12 € 38,71 € 41,47 | more info
LW12 € 37,60 € 40,09 | more info
S2268M € 28,55€ 33,47 | more info
S2266M € 36,91 € 43,28 | more info
NOVELTY S2263M € 40,09 | more info
NOVELTY S2267M € 41,47 | more info


JA-63F € 64,03 € 671,82 | more info
PK_SEC_007 € 384,90 € 431,09 | more info
PK_SEC_011 € 594,57 € 650,31 | more info

Light bulbs

  NOVELTY Kit 3 light bulbs - DIM20E27 € 46,80 | more info

see more promotions

Mini touch screen

The XTS36 touch screen can be used as a central house controller. By means of the software supplied with the screen we can customize several types of actions, such as entry/exit of the house scenarios and carry out a timed control of the equipment (for example: irrigation, heating, etc.). From the screen's graphic interface we can also manually control all the pieces of equipment controlled by X10.

Mini touch screen

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