May 2009

Dear client,

CentralCasa will be present at the next edition of Tektónica, taking placing from the 19th and 23rd of May.
It's an international business platform and the fair is the primary meeting point for the supply and the demand, going beyond frontiers and fostering business trade with non-domestic markets.

In addition to being a top fair, Tektónica is a place to present innovative proposals to a wide range of prospective clients.

We would like to recall that we are going to launch a newsletter with the best security solutions also during the coming month. Stay tuned and do not miss our suggestions!

See you soon.
The EuroX10 team



The X-DOM devices receive the X10 Powerline signals and include a built-in receiver for radio-frequency X10 signals.

These modules can be used to control pieces of equipment (lights or devices) from any RF X10 control, without using the power supply. This means that the X10 system can be incorporated into the installation and it is completely invisible.




The fair of the year for the construction market - Tektónica - is about to start.

Since we are going to be present for the first time on a fair taking place in the southern part of the country, we would like to invite our clients and friends to come with us and make the fair a success.

So, as with the fairs that took place in Porto, please inform us if you wish to get an invitation so that you can come and visit us there.


ZWave Merten

ZWave Merten

Quick, clean and accessible: these are the advantages of the Merten's radio system. With this solution you can expand the electrical network with no need for construction works to include wiring, since the emitter is battery-operated. By means of Radio-frequency it is possible to control the blinds or different lighting scenarios, as well as to centralize functions such as connect or disconnect all lights. It also increases the security level in buildings by interconnecting smoke or motion detectors with no need for additional wiring. With this system, those tasks become as simple as pressing a button. The emitter and the receiver communicate by radio with a frequency of 886Mhz, according to the ZWave protocol and its use is very simple.

- Flexible installation;
- Expansion of the existing networks;
- Integration into Merten's System M switches series (M-SMART, M-ARC, M-STAR, M-PLAN) with the receiver and System Design (ARTEC, TRANCENT, ANTIK) with emitter and receiver;
- Vast product range for the installer which includes areas such as lighting control, blinds control, scenario creation and motion detection.
- Range within the house: aprox 30m; open air: aprox 100m (depending on the assembly location and the building's characteristics, such as materials or wall thickness).




Security Special

As an anticipation of the Security Special coming up next week, we prepared several product promotions related with the different brands we represent. Check for yourself: discounts up to 35%.

WD-18 23,39 34,56 | more info
GB-18 23,39 34,56 | more info
CSWD10 39,12 58,68 | more info
MS18 31,20 41,47 | more info
DS18 28,20 41,47 | more info
KR18 19,80 25,63 | more info

Jablotron - 60 Series
JA-60P 43,57 48,41 | more info
JA-60N 39,81 44,23 | more info
JA-60G 73,80 82,00 | more info
JA-60SP 53,64 59,60 | more info
JA-60F 57,63 64,03 | more info
RC-44 14,75 16,39 | more info
JA-63A 102.37 113.74 | more info

Jablotron - Oasis Series

JA-80P 67,46 74,96 | more info
JA-80M 55,74 61,94 | more info
JA-80G 86,67 96,30 | more info
JA-80S 82,22 91,35 | more info
JA-80F 115,02 127,80 | more info
RC-80 22.26 24.73 | more info
JA-80A 128.84 143.15 | more info


PIR NEXT MCW 48,96 53,04 | more info
NEXT K9-85 MCW  63,36 68,64 | more info
MCT-302 32,40 35,10 | more info
MCT-501  108,00 117,00 | more info
MCT-425 82.80 89.70 | more info
MCT-440  105.84 114.66 | more info
ST110 112,32 121,68 | more info
MCT-234  25.20 27.30 | more info


Axis 207 284,17 298,80 | more info
Axis 207W  305,59 322,80 | more info






Home automation is increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives. Modulators, switches, micro-modules, controls, device modules and a lot more. Check the opportunities!


VLEU 54,17 64,20 | more info
AVM-T102A 43,03 51,00 | more info


S2222 35,11 41,17 | more info
S2223 29,49 34,58 | more info
S2225 37,07 45,02 | more info


LM12W 23,30 29,12 | more info
AM12G 23,92 25,63 | more info
LM12G 23,92 25,63 | more info


UR81  4,99 9,79 | more info


AW12 37,87 41,47 | more info
LW12 37,87 41,47 | more info
S2263M 37,87 41,47 | more info
S2267M 37,87 41,47 | more info

see more promotions

X-DOM Operation

With the new range of X-DOM devices it is possible to implement X10 systems in three-phase installations without the need to worry about coupling phases. Since the X-DOM modules directly receive X10 RF signals we can implement a control system using X-DOM actuators to actuate the charges, conventional X10 wireless controls and also the CM15 interface. Within this system topology, the CM15 is configured to receive and emit RF X10 signals.

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