July 2009

Dear client,

We would like to thank all of you for supporting us at the Tektónica fair, which took place between the 19th and 23rd of May.

Having occupied all the pavilions at FIL, with more than 45,000 m2 of exhibition area for 700 companies and 4,000 brands, the fair was a success. We hope you have enjoyed it.

See you soon.
The EuroX10 team


The smallest wireless network cameras on the market. With an intelligent and functional Design, progressive scan, easy and flexible installation, these are the new AXIS M1031 and M1011 cameras.

They are perfect to protect small companies, retail outlets, restaurants, hotels and houses. The cameras offer a wireless connection (IEEE 802.11g) and a cable connected to the network for a flexible installation. They also deliver superior video quality in their category in up to 30 frames per second in VGA resolution.

Additionally, the M1031 has a PIR sensor and a LED, as well as a built-in microphone and speaker.


Security special

Security special
Security special

As the holiday season grows near, worries about our assets increase. When we leave home we like to be sure that everything will be in its place when we come back. That is the reason why last month we gathered our best security solutions, so that you can enjoy your holidays and relax.

Therefore, we launched the security special issue where you can find information on the characteristics of the systems we retail, as well as clarifying technical comparisons, implementation schemes, maintenance tips and suggestions.

We hope you find them useful!


Z-Wave - ZWTKST200ZW

Z-Wave USB Stick - ZWTKST200ZW

The TrickleStar USB stick allows you to control and monitor Z-Wave products from a USB port device such as a Gateway, Set up box or a PC.

The Z-Wave USB stick can be used in a wide range of PCs and Apple Mac by using the Home Control programme in the market.

- Z-Wave protocol (Static controller).
- Supports the USB v1.1 protocol, full speed.
- USB power/link LED indicator.
- Powered from USB port.



VLEU - Stereo RF modulator with IR extensions

This is a programmable modulator which generates a TV RF channel from an A/V source. It is a practical solution to create your A/V network.
The modulator can use the current cable network to transmit a good quality A/V signal to another room and even remote control the A/V source. It can be used together with the signals from cable TV operators.

PAL B/G stereo;
- Dip switch channel selector;
- High output power, up to 82dBuV;
- Dual input power source;
- Remote control by IR extension via cable;
- A/V output for widely application;
- Cost effective for your own local CATV system;

Biometric Locks

Biometric Locks

Open your house door without keys and using only your forefinger.
This lock system with opening by biometric validation (fingerprint) is easy to install and allows the user to go without the use of a key.

It is powered by alkaline batteries with great autonomy and has an indication of the battery status and emergency procedures in case of battery fail.

With an extremely appealing design, this solution can use the automatic latch and has a capacity up to 50 users and has also an alternative opening method via a 4-digit pin.

It has a sound signal in case of a break-in.


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The VLEU kit is an interesting solution for areas where you want to distribute the signal of a digital data receiver (MEO, ZON, CLIX, satellite, etc.) of an existing TV network in the home. With this solution all the existing televisions in the home will have access to the channel's signal which is being received by the digital tuner with stereo sound and image quality. The AV signal is sent through a current cable network using a TV pal modulator which injects a new TV channel with a programmable frequency.
With the IR IWIRE extension incorporated in the modulator, the user can remotely control the tuned channel from a remote location by using the receiver's original wireless control connected to the modulator.

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