August 2009

Dear client,

This month CentralCasa launched the most recent, complete and state-of-the-art X10 wireless control.
In addition to increasing the number of pieces of equipment it can now control, it has a 2.5' colour graphical LCD.
In this newsletter you can look up its characteristics and also, in the domo-tip section, you can see a diagram of one of its many applications.

We hope you find them useful.

See you soon.
The EuroX10 team

10 in 1 universal control - Take10

A universal remote control which controls up to 10 pieces of A/V equipment, including TV, DVD, VCR, equipment with X10 technology and other.
You don't need to remember which channel is memorised on which position, as you just have to click on the icon of the station you want to see on the colour LCD, making it simple to surf through your favourite channels.
The control can be configured in about 5 minutes and it's simple to use.
As the Take10 control has an RF emitter, it can control pieces of equipment which are out of the control's range anywhere in your home, even through walls and ceilings.


merten@home Central Controller - ZWmerten505919

Central device with eight freely programmable operator buttons and a 3.5'' LCD screen for the control and display of a Merten CONNECT (Z-Wave) radio system.
Radio features: router.

This controller has to be configured with the ZWmerten506801 CONNECT interface.


Z-Wave - ZWTKST200ZW

After CentralCasa received its ISO 9001:2000 Certification in November 2007, which adapts CentralCasa's processes to the client's needs, this last year its concern was directed at the environment.

Thus, the company has been awarded a certificate by AMB3E and ANREEE for Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment Management, as well as by PontoVerde, an integrated system of packaging waste collection and treatment in Portugal.



HiFir - IR repeater system

The HiFir allows the remote control of A/V equipment hidden in cabinets or hidden behind obstacles. It consists of an IR receiver and two IR emitters connected by a cable.
The receiver is placed on a shelf or on top of the cabinet where the equipment we want to control is located; the receiver amplifies the IR controls and repeats them to the emitters. The emitters have an adhesive strip in order to be placed on top of the IR receiver of the equipment we want to control. When we point the remote control towards the IR receiver and emit a command, the receiver repeats that command to the hidden equipment. Each time a command is sent, the LED in the IR emitters will blink.
HiFir € 15,51 € 19,08 | more info

Biometric Locks

A-S100-0G - 3 light bulbs pack + Govena RF controller

A set of 3 CFL 20 Wats Govena light bulbs + RF controller.
It allows the independent control of 3 light bulbs with the possibility of centralised action and scenario composition.

Designed on the basis of patented FlexDigit® technology.
Dimming range of 2-100%
Unlimited number of on/off cycles.
Reliable start-up at any level of regulation.
High luminous efficacy 66 Lm/W.
Life time higher than 16000h.
Colour temperature 2,700°K.
Standby consumption: 0.59W

A-S100-0G € 48,08 € 60,55 | more info

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TAKE10 control

With the Take10 control's feature to execute macros we can create macros that combine the sending of radio frequency and infrared signals to multimedia equipment and X10 actuators. With this feature the user can, by means of the configuration assistant, easily create a movie/TV macro that turns on the television, turns on the MEO/ZON/satellite receiver, tunes to the desired channel and closes the blinds controlled by X10 and sets the light intensity at 50%. As the equipment takes a while to start-up, the control allows the introduction of delays so that it is possible to synchronize the entire system.

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