September 2009

Dear client,

This month's novelty is the new "David" communicator from Jablotron. It can be remotely controlled by telephone and SMS, thus facilitating the use of the commands.
It recognises the caller's telephone or mobile phone number, thus preventing the user from spending money in phone calls.

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See you soon.
The EuroX10 team

GD-04 - "David" GSM Communicator from Jablotron

The GD-04 is a GSM communicator/controller which provides two output contacts of power relays and 4 input terminals. The GD-04 can be easily set up by using the configuration web page.

- Switch with SMS remote control with different orders to open or close the outputs;
- Time-switch which can be remotely controlled via telephone (the switch-on period can be configured from 1 second to 10 hours);
- Relay with dialling-in remote control. Up to 50 telephone numbers can be authorized to control each output;
- Relay with validity-limited dialling-in remote control;
- Equipment status indicator. The input A to D activations/deactivations can be reported by SMS and optionally confirmed by phone calls. Each input can send its specific message to 8 different numbers;
- gate opening control in condominiums and companies;


ZWPoPP761262 - PoPP | Wireless wall switch for blinds

INTERACT³ is a wireless home automation professional system, completely safe and reliable as any wired system.
It is easy and quick to install - without having to run cables through walls.
The set up is also simple (it requires only 3 clicks).
ZWPoPP761262 characteristics:
- Perfect for home automation networks without infrastructure.
- It activates: blinds, shutters, awnings and motorised gates.
- It can be combined with INTERACT3 transmitters and remote controls from PoPP.
- It operates with Z-Wave equipment from other brands, such as Danfoss or Merten (Connect series).



MC10 - Socket X10 Controller

The Mini Controller lets you control the lights and equipment from anywhere in your home.

You can turn off the light in your children's bedroom without having to get out of bed. Your Mini Controller can control all your pieces of equipment from a single button. Eight X10 modules can be controlled from the built-in keypad.
MC10 € 15,13 € 22,09 | more info


S3012 - X10-IR converter with IR eye

Control your pieces of equipment with infrared control through X10 technology.
This equipment is ideal to control pieces of equipment, such as air conditioning or multimedia equipment.
It is ideal to be used together with macros.

This interface lets you send an IR signal which is stored in its memory when it receives a predefined X10 signal.
The S3012 is made up of two components: one is the controller which receives the X10 signals and transmits the IR signals through the second component which is an eye with an IR emitter that should be glued on top of the equipment's IR receiver that you wish to control. Thus, we can hide the controller inside a cabinet or mounting box.
The controller has a built-in IR receiver which helps you learn the IR commands you wish to send.

S3012 € 47,91 € 62,65 | more info

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Equipment remote control via mobile phone

With the GD-04 GSM communication module it is possible to open the entrance gate of your house without using your keys or specific commands. The GD-04 has two remotely controllable outputs which can be used to control equipment, such as entrance gates, boilers, irrigation systems, etc., through SMS or phone calls. One of the key advantages of GD-04 is a feature that allows the activation of its outputs by recognising the caller's telephone or mobile phone number, thus preventing the user from spending money in phone calls. The module also has 4 inputs that allow the remote monitoring of systems, such as, for example, deposit levels, equipment status, etc.

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