April 2010
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The April edition of our newsletter features a variety of interesting solutions for home automation with remote control via SMS or phone call.

This month we launched a new representation for GSM equipment for remote control and security, creating a new area in the EuroX10 family's security.

See you soon.
The EuroX10 team

GSM equipment Eldes
GSM equipment Eldes - Lithuanian company specialized in security and and monitoring solutions via GSM (SMS and voice call). Within the existing portfolio we highlight the EPIR - Motion Sensor GSM and ESIM010 – Gate control through non answered call or SMS. Check the remaining range in www.eurox10.com/Products/Security/GsmInterface.htm

New 6/1 remotes TAKE6 and TAKE6IR+RF
New 6/1 remotes TAKE6 and TAKE6IR+RF. With a design and a unbeatable lightness, the TAKE6 can control 6 media units (TV, DVD, TVBox, games console, etc. in addition to the X10 control by Radio or infrared.

Solution extremely appealing with a fantastic price. Check in www.eurox10.com/Product/EasyX10/EBode/Take6IR+RF.htm

EPIR - GSM Alarm burglar system
EPIR is a security alarm system that works with GSM network.

. The system is armed or disarmed by a call from your mobile phone which doesn’t incur any cost.

. The system will automatically switch to back–up battery supply in case of mains power failure, and user gets SMS warning message.

. The user can also inquire the system about system status, power supply status, network quality as well as connect and listen through a remote microphone.

. With correct password user has the capability to access system management from any GSM phone (not necessary pre-programmed).

ESIM010 - GSM Gate controller
ESIM010 is a microcontroller based device used to control gate automatics, road barriers or to remotely turn on the electronic device over GSM network.

. Controlling road barriers in the yards of blocks of flats or offices.

. Opening personal house gates

. Turning on an electronic device for a specified period. (aquarium lighting, turning on the pump, watering, controlling heating in premises etc).

. Turning on the system.

. Turning on any electric device controlled with using ON/OFF function.

. Rebooting “frozen” system, (computer network or server).

. Notification about a fault in gate or other automatics device.

EuroX10 promotions

HomeGuard Alarm

Protect your house and family with this mini motion security system and with the help of your Mobile phone.
This Security System is very easy to install and has a built-in telephone dialler.
The System sends a pre-recorded voice message to your mobile phone, or other designated number (such as a friend or neighbour’s phone), when the alarm is triggered. You can select up to 3 numbers.
The HomeGuard has a built-in Motion Sensor and a 90 dB siren (possibility to switch off siren).
It also includes a remote control with Arm/Disarm and Panic functions.

Save 46,57€!
Homeguard SD18 free         | more info

S4073 - Encrypted remote control 8 in 1 - touch screen (IR+RF+X10)
The 4073 is a universal command with a tactile screen, with a backlight of deep blue, especially geared towards the control of X-10 devices by encrypted radio frequency (RF) and infrared (IR) signals, allowing however the control of 4 multimedia devices (DVD, TV, etc.) by IR. It is compatible with the X-10 RF encrypted receiver S4022, being able to control all the house codes, unit codes and the X-10 commands “On”, “Off”, “All Lights On”, “All Units Off”, “Dim” and “Bright”.
Its memory is well adapted to the day-by-day needs, being able to store 4 macros with up to 8 commands each and to learn IR commands to control 4 different devices. It has a keyboard lock and is supplied with a docking base to be applied to the wall.

Save 34,92€!
S4073 S4023 free         | more info

Save 34,44€!
S4072 S4022 free         | more info

PoPP Z-Wave

ZWPoPP761231 € 50,13 € 66,84        | more info
ZWPoPP761248 € 53,55 € 71,40        | more info
ZWPoPP761255 € 59,94 € 79,92        | more info
ZWPoPP761262 € 59,94 € 79,92        | more info
ZWPoPP761279 € 68,22 € 90,96        | more info
ZWPoPP761293 € 49,86 € 66,48        | more info
ZWPoPP761309 € 64,53 € 86,04        | more info
ZWPoPP761316 € 61,38 € 81,84        | more info
ZWPoPP761323 € 60,48 € 80,64        | more info

see more promotions

EPIR system

The EPIR system is a GSM solution ideal to protect places like small garages, kiosk's, small stores/shops, barracks, apartments, etc. The system is configured and controlled by mobile phone (using phone calls or SMS). The system has a function that allows the users to arm/disarm the system without costs for the user (the EPIR identifies the number that is making the call, if the number belongs to the list of authorized numbers, the system will refuse the call and arm/disarm itself).

To activate the system you only need:

1 - Insert SIM card;   2 - Connect to mains power socket;   3 -The system is ready to work;
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