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Dear Customer,
May, brought exciting new products into EuroX10 as are a reviewed and enlarged Robot offer, a complete new set of digital video door phone with voip capabilities from 2N. iConnect continues to surprise with its flexibility and performance, truly reviling itself as the best security product from EuroX10 catalogue.
We were at IFSec to see new products, consolidated solutions and some flops off course. Keep in touch to verify what new we will be offering you!
See you soon,
The EuroX10 team
Lawnmower robots, cleaning robots and now personal robots complete our catalogue. Speaking in new and exciting gadgets, EuroX10 gives you Rovio(link), a mobile video camera –with the shape of a robot with multidirectional movement, thanks to its three wheels! Includes technology Northstar, a system similar to a domestic micro GPS, which lets him walk through the apartment (or anywhere else) with great accuracy! With this system you always know where the Rovio is and wherever he goes next.
Helios is an advanced IP video door phone based on SIP standard, competitively priced and easy to use. The IP Helios combines professional design and technology features with excellent picture quality, ease of deployment and broad interoperability with 3rd party SIP products. Therefore you can answer and see who it is at the door on your computer and even route the call to your mobile phone if you are not at home!
The Ebode MICRO MODULE PACK allows the installation of a wireless controller for incandescent, halogen, low-voltage, energy-saving or LED light fixtures. Compatible with R.F. X10 remotes, this pack can be controlled by someone relaxing on the sofa. With the same remote you can control all media devices in our home.
Kit segurança iConnect   ICONNECT PSTN PK_SEC_ICPW PACK
Israeli professional system easy to install and use. Intrusion Package with fixed line telephone dialer that permits in case of alarm, the notification of the users by voice call. It also allows the association to professional alarm central stations, as all communication protocols are approved to do so. Allows the user the remote calling with listening and dialogue functions or arm / disarm, event log, etc.. Possibility of expanding the system of intrusion and add emergency sensors as flood, fire, gas leakage and carbon monoxide incidents.
Sonos system   The EuroX10 team had a big month regarding the analysis of new equipment and solutions. We spent some time discovering the new features and capabilities of the SONOS SYSTEM, with several units (ZP120) connected to speakers B&W 685 and 686, also tested it with Trueaudio speakers (single stereo speaker) with fantastic results. All controlled by the CR200 remote and iPhone!

Several people from the office are testing energetic monitoring solutions that allow
Gama PoPP Z-Wave


  PoPP Z-Wave
ZWPoPP761231 € 50,13 € 66,84        | more info
ZWPoPP761248 € 53,55 € 71,40        | more info
ZWPoPP761255 € 59,94 € 79,92        | more info
ZWPoPP761262 € 59,94 € 79,92        | more info
ZWPoPP761279 € 68,22 € 90,96        | more info
ZWPoPP761293 € 49,86 € 66,48        | more info
ZWPoPP761309 € 64,53 € 86,04        | more info
ZWPoPP761316 € 61,38 € 81,84        | more info
ZWPoPP761323 € 60,48 € 80,64        | more info

CWSD10 € 22,85 € 58,68        | more info

UR81SLR € 17,76 € 21,31       | more info
PK3_DS18 € 95,39 € 116,12        | more info
BS8804/4E (kit) € 171,42 € 214,27        | more info

S4073 - Encrypted remote control 8 in 1 - touch screen (IR+RF+X10)

Save 34,92€!
S4073 S4023 free         | more info

Save 34,44€!
S4072 S4022 free         | more info

HomeGuard Alarm

Save 46,57€!
Homeguard SD18 free         | more info
An Audio-video solution for using VOIP (voice-over-ip) with capabilities that go way beyond the simple door intercom system.
When someone rings at your bell, answer the video call in any computer or voip phone inside or outside your house. You can even answer the door using you mobile phone, always with the possibility to remotely open the door.

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