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As the holiday season grows near, worries about our assets increase. When we leave home we like to be sure that everything will be in its place when we come back. That is the reason why this month we have gathered our best security solutions, so that you can enjoy your holidays and relax.

In this security special issue you can find information on the characteristics of the systems we retail, as well as clarifying technical comparisons, implementation schemes, maintenance tips and suggestions. We hope you find them useful!

Quick guide:
iConnect system
HomeProtector+ system
Jablotron 60 series system
Jablotron 80 “Oasis” series system
Visonic Powermax Pro system
Comparative table
Maintenance tips

None of the packs presented is limited and further modules can be added if you wish so.
For more complex solutions do not hesitate to contact us. We provide customized sizing solutions with no commitment.
See you soon.
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Connect, Electronics Line 3000’s flagship wireless solution, offers security, safety, connectivity and control, with dedicated interactive remote management applications - for end-users and providers - using advanced communications based on PSTN, GSM, Ethernet, and a newly implemented GPRS platform.

The solution has been uniquely developed to fit users’ growing aspirations for high-end, stylish and contemporary design, together with advanced security and control features, making this a complete, easy to operate, smart lifestyle accessory.
Using it’s own communications platform, the iConnect works as an gateway to the external networks, responding to the demands of end users, monitoring stations, communications suppliers and installers. This platform allows installers to make remote programming and to service providers to manage and collect from their costumers, and monitoring stations to have supervised real time communications, and connectivity and advanced remote control to the end user.
The system allows the use of up 32 wireless detectors or alternatively (using the wired zone expander) the system can monitor 24 wireless detectors and 8 wired inputs. It’s is possible to use 2 external wired keypads and up to 4 wireless keypads that can have a built-in wireless smart tag reader. The iConnect supports up to 16 smart tags and 19 keyfobs. It’s possible to add up to 4 wireless repeaters to the system.
The iConnect system has a wide range of wireless accessories: movement detectors, pet immune motion detectors, external movement detectors, curtain detectors, magnetic switches, smoke, gas, flood, carbon monoxide, vibration, temperature, etc.
To complement the security functions the iConnect is equipped with X10 home automation interface. This is an internal interface that doesn’t needs external accessories.

The Homeprotector consoles are home automation/security consoles with an unbeatable quality/price ratio. Being rather user-friendly, they can receive signals from up to 30 wireless detectors and can control X10 automation devices. They have a built-in bidirectional analogue phone communicator that is able to send warning calls to 6 different phone numbers and also to remotely control the console and devices through a phone call.
This equipment is particularly suited for small areas where an inexpensive solution is required.


The Jablotron 60 series consoles are hybrid modular systems that work with wired or wireless detectors and can be fitted with several types of communication modules (analogue line, GSM and TCP/IP+X10) and allow also for up to 14 users.
The JA-63KRx consoles have 16 wireless areas (with a capacity of 2 detectors per area) and 4 wired areas with built-in power supply.
The JA-65K consoles have up to 16 wireless areas and up to 16 wired areas with built-in power supply.
These consoles have neither a built-in siren nor a keyboard, which makes it possible to conceal the console (inside closets, behind furniture pieces, etc.). Both equipment series have two built-in programmable outputs which can be used for several different purposes (equipment remote action, electrovalves control, etc.).
When they are fitted with the GSM communication module, it is possible to send text messages or make warning calls to a maximum of 8 phone numbers and they allow for the system's remote control by SMS and Internet.
When they are fitted with the TCP/IP+X10 communication module, it is possible to remotely control the consoles and up to 16 X10 automation devices.
This range is suited for small to mid-size areas where an efficient and reliable alarm system is required.


Jablotron's 80 series is an improvement of the 60 series devices. The new devices work at a 868MHz frequency, have a wider communication range, are compatible with alphanumeric LCD keyboards as well as keyboards with a reader for RFID identifiers.
The 80 range, also called "Oasis", offers a new wireless communication protocol and a whole new set of accessories.
The JA-82K consoles are completely modular and have a capacity for up to 50 wireless devices and 4 wired areas scalable to 14. The system can also include up to 50 user codes and store up to 50 RFID identifiers.
The Oasis series devices are suited for large areas or for areas where a high quality system is required, that is easy to install and use.


The Powermax Pro consoles are an upgrade to Powermax+ consoles and the main differences between the two are mainly the 868MHz communication frequency and the new design which provides for internal storage of the communication modules (GSM and TCP/IP). The Powermax Pro console allows also to detect carbon monoxide and also to use mini-commands with bidirectional communication, which allow the user to visually confirm the alarm console status.


Note : The 433MHz accessories for the Visonic Powermax and Powermax+ are available at:
In order for you to easily understand the differences between the several systems and identify which one best suits your needs, we have prepared a comparative table that you can download here.
In order to have your alarm system continuously operating we recommend that you follow some system maintenance and revision procedures.

- Carry out a general test of the system at least once a year. As an essential procedure for the correct operation of the solution, you should arm the system, completely and partially, and then simulate intrusion by opening the doors and windows and by moving within the monitored areas. Besides the sound alarm, you should check the correct dissemination of emergency reports by phone, sms, e-mail, etc.. If you have contracted the services of an external security company, remember to warn them that you are running a system test.

- Test the gas leak, smoke and flood detection devices regularly; be particularly careful with the technical devices, since they wear out more quickly as they are permanently “armed”.
Some devices have a test button which makes this task easier; otherwise, it is important to simulate the type of accident that the detector is meant to identify.
In the case of flood sensors you only need to close the probe contact (with a wet cloth or by means of a metallic conductor) and check if the device reacts in the correct way.
For smoke/carbon monoxide detectors there are sprays specifically created to simulate the begin of a fire; instead, the use of the smoke of a candle or a match may be enough.
For gas sensors the use of a gas lighter (do not spark the lighter, just let the gas out into the sensor) should be enough for the sensor to react.
If there are devices that need to be activated by identification of a technical alarm, such as water or gas electrovalves and ventilators, you should check if they are operational. The phone reports should also be confirmed.

- Annually, check the state of the batteries of wireless devices and the console; for devices with alkaline batteries, as is the case of the Homeprotector and Jablotron 60 series (JA-60x) ranges, we advise you to replace the batteries once a year, even if they are still partially charged.
For devices with lithium batteries we recommend that you replace the batteries every 3 years (please consider that some devices have batteries that are meant to last for 5 or more years) as is the case of the Visonic Powermax series and Jablotron 80 series (Oasis) devices;
In the case of the batteries or accumulators of the “central” console, these should be replaced every 3 years;
Check here which batteries or accumulators are used by the systems described above.

- For alarm consoles equipped with a GSM communication module, with SIM cards with top up tariffs, you should check the card's balance every month or every two months.
For help with the most technical aspects of your security system you should always check the respective instructions manual. If you encounter any problem, please look for expert help.
You can request CentralCasa/EuroX10 to clarify any questions you may have or even require an expert intervention by security systems technicians.
- When you run tests in your system, warn your closest neighbours about it, so that it causes the least trouble to everyone.

- If you wish to order any of the described solutions online, please mention which language you prefer, since although some versions are produced as a multilingual systems, there are others that require the language to be factory-specified .
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