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In August, EuroX10 presents refreshing news to increase the quality and comfort off your holiday. A new distributed sound system, wireless and digital, that you can take away for vacation, use inside and outside, giving a touch of refinement to any party or event of this summer period.

Great deals in home automation, security and even more products in opportunities.
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The Ebode lightSpeaker is inside of a unique class because it combines low consumption LED illumination with wireless digital sound, all in a “Plug and Play” system, simple to use and install. Fits in a standard E27 screw socket (ex. Lamps, buit-in lamps).
Up to two music sources can be used – an ipod and radio for example, can be connected to the base station, wich sends the sound to the Lightspeaker by digital wireless communication. The wireless base station or the remote control allows the control of the source, the music or illumination from anywhere in the house. Can be paired in a base station, up to 4 pairs of LightSpeakers or stereo exterior units with rock aspect, RockSpeaker. To bring more depth, a subwoofer can be added to the system. Check this month domodica for the Ebode LightSpeaker system.
CM15   CM15
New ActiveHome Pro software for the PC module CM15
Available now with extra features and possibility to use wireless security equipment from homeprotector+
Zeus system is a device based on microcontrollers, is used for observe and control cars, motos and other vehicles, remotely by GSM network.

  A/V Systems Organization.
Cables, plugs and other high quality accessories that would allow anyone to organize is media bay, making customized audio and video connectors. This way you can eliminate the cable confusion behind the tv and other media devices. Soon, available in the Audio Video area on EuroX10.

iConnect Remote access system (internet).
We are finishing the remote access platform for our iConnect system. It consists in a web address with login, main system pin and password validation, that gives access to iConnect. Allows distance arm/disarm, zone bypass, log access, home automation control, users registration/elimination, etc. Without the need of software installation with specific interface for mobile access.


SWI20E27 € 12,98 € 17,55        | more info

Take10 € 71,69 € 79,65        | more info

EPIR € 177,29 € 201,47       | more info

Zeus € 177,29 € 201,47        | more info

RPA € 28,46 € 34,76        | more info

EBK_PMML € 55,90 € 66,49        | more info

DIX2 € 53,54 € 74,96        | more info

DAIX10 € 77,14 € 107,99        | more info

PK_SEC_ICPW € 249,02 € 269,79        | more info

DS18 € 30,67 € 41,82       | more info

VL42 € 27,91 € 44,66        | more info

VL82 € 25,51 € 40,81        | more info
The system can be installed into any home easily, and without any expensive and complicated wiring, in just a few minutes. As the speaker fits a standard E27 socket the placement possibilities are endless: your home theatre, living room, kitchen, bedroom, but also commercial settings like offices, museums, restaurants and hotels.

Up to two music sources - an iPod and a radio for example, can be connected to the base station, which wirelessly sends the sound to the LightSpeakers. The wireless base station or the supplied remote control allow you to control your source, music and lighting levels from anywhere in your home. Up to four pairs of LightSpeakers can be ‘paired’ to one base station.

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