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Dear Customer,
With Christmas coming, it's always a challenge to choose an outstanding and unforgettable gift.
The EuroX10 team prepared a showcase Christmas with original suggestions for a different offer.

Check out our suggestions!
In December, EuroX10 will offer in all orders a small surprise Christmas gift.
Our customers can choose a complete free Christmas gift in any order with amount from 100,00€.
Don’t miss in December Eurox10 fantastic promotions.


  Lightspeaker, your Christmas economically lighted and with good environment music.
The LightSpeaker is an authentically 3 in 1, magnificent design, energy economy and wireless quality sound.
The LightSpeaker works as a normal lamp, and can be applied in every place. It has LED illumination with low consumption and a speaker, giving light and music to your Christmas. Connect a Pen, MP3 or iPhone to the system and the music will be sent to the LightSpeaker, all totally wireless. 479,44
take10   TAKE10, the universal remote that can control until ten devices.
This Christmas simplify, with TAKE10 you can control until ten devices like, the TV, the sound system, the DVD reader, the Air Conditioner, the X10 devices, between others. The remote have an RF emitter that allows the control of equipments from other divisions of the house without leaving your location. It`s easy and simple to configure. 79,65
lk15   X10 initiation kit. Get in home automation, starting with a simple application.
Everything has a starting point and for you the home automation starts here.
This kit allows the wireless control of a lamp and an electric application, like a lamp, a TV, etc. Get started in home automation or give someone that opportunity. 41,82
pack iPhone   X10 Commander for iPhone. Transform your iPhone in your house remote control with global range.
Access and control your X10 applications with your iPhone. With X10 Commander, in any place of the world, you only need an internet connection and you will be in direct contact with your house. Visit our website where you will find various and interesting kits.
  PlanetWaves, A/V cables creation kit, easy, fast and organized.
Organize your Audio and Video cables, with the PlanetWaves initiation kit, you can create cables fitting your necessity’s, guaranteeing always that you have the right connector. The PlanetWaves cables support a big variety of signals, always with high quality. No more unfinished services and wasted materials. 48,97
Videolink   Videolink, The Christmas sharing spirit associated to Audio/Video.
Send music from your MP3 or another audio device to a sound system or TV in another place of your house. Share a movie from your PC (with analog video output) or DVD reader to a TV. See the actual channel from your TV Box in another TV. This Christmas, take the Audio and Video that you like to the sound system and TV`s from your house. more info 44,66
rovio   Rovio, mobile vídeo camera robot.
Rovio is your eyes, being you in any place. With internet connection by WiFi, in any place you can control and order Rovio to go where you want and see what you want. If are far away from your house in your work or on vacations, Rovio allows you to see what is going on in any part of your house. 301,50
rl350   Robomow RL350, lawn mow robot.
Keep your garden always beatiful with the grass cut. Get the chance to do other things while Robomow deal with everything alone. It has a system that allows area limitation guaranteeing that Robomow don’t leave your garden. 1.203,95
estores sem fios   Wireless blinds control
Change your actual blind switch for RMV and control the blinds through the wireless remote or switch. Wireless and with high fiability, gives guarantee of confort.
More informations here. 84,64
iluminação sem fios   Wireless Ilumination Control
Control a choosen lamp totally wireless. With this Kit, you have the possibility of hiding a micro module near the lamp.
Placing the switch where you want, you can control the lamp without any wire connecting the switch and the lamp. 72,54
pmml   Wireless micro module kit.
Control the illumination without wires and using the existing switches.
Placing the receiver near a lamp to control and the transmitter in the back part of the chosen switch, you can control the lamp.
The system is wireless and easy to use and install.
More information here. 66,49
govena   Energy saving lamps. Fluorescent, compact and dimmable.
nergy saving lamps, with the possibility of dimming.
Get the opportunity to acquire or give one of this lamps.
Visit our site where you can find a 3 lamps kit at very good prices. 17,55
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