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Dear Customer,
This month EuroX10 launchs the Planet Waves connectors, cables and accessories, see them here and be surprised with the revolutionary quality and easy utilization.

Don’t lose the new promotions and accept our invitation for a fast read about the success of the application X10 Commander for iPhone and about the next launch we are working on, the Bluetooth interface lockers.
See you soon.
The EuroX10 team

  Sucess of iPhone X10 Commander application
In the last newsletter we’ve launched the X10 Commander application for iPhone. It`s an application that allows the control of the existing X10 devices in your house, through your iPhone. Anywhere in the globe, you just need an internet connection, wireless or 3G.

This application has been a great success, having already a huge number of clients that discovered how easy is to control the habitation any time and any place. If you miss the last newsletter, you can see it here.

Don’t lose the opportunity to transform your iPhone in your home remote control, with global range.
See the following kits: Kit1; Kit2; Kit3; Kit4

  Planet Waves launch
This month we want to help you organizing your A/V system and making A/V connections in order to have your media bay furniture full organized or your office desk much more tidy.

Sometimes you don’t have a specific connector or the perfect cable lenght, the creation of a whip is too hard or takes too long. Did you ever realize that behind the multimedia equipment is a real mess of cables? Impossible to clean without messing around.

These problems have solutions, the new connectors, cables and accessories PlanetWaves. They will simplify the whole process of creating any media whip and organize multiple cables.

Planet Waves cables have an uncompromising signal transparency, means that In=Out. Planet Waves guarantee the high quality of transmission. Various types of signals can be used, guaranteeing always high quality and reducing the number of cables needed.

PlanetWaves connectors can be easily created, in fact it only needs 3 steps. With this system you win time and avoid material and monetary losses. The PlanetWaves system is repetitive and easy to use. Any user less experienced shouldn’t feel difficulties.

There are available in EuroX10 several kits that allows the initiation to this new revolutionary technology: Kit1; Kit2; Kit3; Kit4
Take 10   Take 10
We recommend the Take10 remote control, because of it excellent capacity and performance. Take10 is one of the best remote controllers in the market, it has capacity to control until 10 devices like A/V, including TV, DVD, VCR, X10 equipments and others. See more information here.
CCAS   CCAS annuity
This is a web application that allows the remote access to your iConnect security system. In any place and when you want, you can Arm/Disarm, Bypass zone, User codes management, Home automation control, besides other options, everything from a PC or PDA. Soon will be a special newsletter about CCAS. See more information here.

  Bluetooth Lockers
The Bluetooth Lockers will going to increase your comoditty and day simplicity. Imagine how would be if the door open on your proximity, or even the garage or condominium gate open alone, without necessity of leaving the vehicle or press any button.

You just need to have a cellphone with bluetooth and it becomes your habitual key in or garage remote control. The lockers have capacity for at least 10 users and allows the definition of different proximity detection range, between 2 cm and 14 m.

In case of low battery in the cellphone there is no problem because there is an alternative user code system. This solution will be available soon on



Biocav - BDF 1000
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Biocav promotions    
BDF 1000 € 258,80 € 306,74        | more info
The Planet Waves Cable Making Kits are perfect for even the most newbie consumer. Interconnect any media system is now so easy to assemble, that anyone can do it! It is as simple as cutting the cable to length, applying the appropriate connector and fastening the set screw to secure the connection.
There is even a tester included to ensure proper termination.

planet waves
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