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iConnect online

Dear Customer,

After the release of iConnect security system and accessories, it’s now time for iConnect Online,the web remote control interface. This is a web application that will allow the remote access to the iConnect security system from any place and at any time, you can Arm/Disarm, Bypass zones, manage users and codes, control home automation, besides other options, everything from a PC or a SmartPhone. The secure remote access through internet is now available on security systems iConnect.

Features of iConnect online

. Arm/Disarm the system – Possibility of various arming types, since Full, Partial and Perimeter until combinations of Partial + Perimeter and Complete + Perimeter.

. Users and passwords management – Management of all existing users and respective access codes. You can delete, add or change an existing user code.
. Bypass zones – Bypass or Unbypass certain zones.
. Historic and Alerts – The remote access platform allows historic consulting and definition of contacts that will be alert in case of important situations.

. Video – See the video cameras associated to your system.
. Fast actions – The initial menu gives chance for some fast actions like, arm/disarm, system status verification, without necessity of entering any menu.
. Home Automation – Allows the control of the registered home automation units. For example, turning on and off a lamp.

With iConnect Online, you could access the system like if you where physically interacting with it. The big advantage is that with iConnect Online you can access the system from anywhere like your workplace, on vacations or in other place since you have internet access.

The way you access is flexible, so you can accede via PC or Smartphone for example.

Don’t loose the chance to acquire the iConnect Online annuity and complement your security system. We offer one free month after you buy the GSM system control or the GSM kit.

See you soon.
The EuroX10 team
In the follow image is possible to see the way that iConnect Online will interact with your security system and home automation system and how that will be a great help on the access to the system, besides the local access by remote control or keypad.

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