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Dear Customer,

We present you the audio and video special. Spend 10 minutes to know more about our solutions and what we have to offer to improve your multimedia system.
Improve the quality of the image and sound, increase the comfort on the interaction with the system and if you want, make your system more discrete.

HiFir /IR Link B

The HiFir/ IR Link B is the ideal solution for users that want to hide the A/V equipments like DVD/Blu-Ray readers and digital tv receivers (satellite and cable), inside closets or furniture.

This equipment is compound by an IR receiver that have coupled a wired extension with various IR emitters, that are placed over the IR receiver from the equipments we want to control. The receiver should be placed in line of sight with the wireless remote controls. When the receiver receives an IR signal, he sends it to the A/V equipments trough the wired extension.

IR link C + AVM-T102A

This solution allows a new channel injection in your antenna network through the TV PAL AVM-T102A modulator, the input from the modulator is connected to the analogical audio and video outputs from a satellite receiver, digital TV, DVD player, TV decoder or other similar equipment. The IR Link C allows the remote control from an equipment that is supplying the TV modulator, using the original remote or a universal X10 remote. The IR Link C uses the coaxial antenna network to send control signals.

One of the principal advantages of the IR Link C systems comparing with other similar systems is the fact that we can have multiple IR receivers working simultaneously, allowing the equipment to be controlled from different divisions.


The Sonos system is a wireless distributed audio system that allows you to listen your music in digital format or listen to your web favorite radios in any place of your house without the necessity of pre-installed equipments. With a simple touch in the control interface you can get access to the stored music in your PC/Server, NAS unity and to the number of web radios available in the internet.

The Sonos equipments creates a dedicated wireless network “mesh” type that is called SonosNet and provides the range and bandwidth necessary to the correct function of the system.

The Sonos system have a group of accessories that cover all the necessities and always guarantee high quality sound:
ZonePlayer ZP90 - unity with output pre-amplified with connection to amplifiers or HiFi / HomeCinema systems. ZonePlayer ZP120 - unity amplified to connect audio speakers, have an amplifier HiFi with 2x55 Wrms @8 ohm and subwoofer output. If you wish more information about the speakers or to connect this system, just call us. ZonePlayer S5 - unity amplified with incorporate speakers, ideal for who have little space available and want to get a high quality sound.

The system can be controlled trough CR200 remote control, with installed applications in PC/MAC, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The user can choose the music that will be listen in each place or use the party mode and put the same music everywhere.

To guarantee that the system have internet access at least one of the system Sonos units need to be connected to the router or local network. If there isn`t a network terminal next to one of the system Sonos units, exists the ZoneBridge 100 interface that works as communications bridge between the Sonos and local network.


The Ebode lightSpeaker is inside of a unique class because it combines low consumption LED illumination with wireless digital sound, all in a “Plug and Play” system, simple to use and install. Fits in a standard E27 screw socket (ex. Lamps, buit-in lamps).

The system can be installed into any home easily, and without any expensive and complicated wiring, in just a few minutes. The placement possibilities are endless: your home theatre, living room, kitchen, bedroom, but also commercial settings like offices, museums, restaurants and hotels.

Up to two music sources - an iPod and a radio for example, can be connected to the base station, which wirelessly sends the sound to the LightSpeakers. The wireless base station or the supplied remote control allow you to control your source, music and lighting levels from anywhere in your home. Up to four pairs of LightSpeakers can be ‘paired’ to one base station.


Complete your multimedia system with one of the following Remote Controls:

- Take 6
Universal Remote Control for up to 6A/V devices, including TV, DVD, VCR, X10 Home Automation products and more.
The remote can be set-up within 5 minutes and is easy to use and navigate.
As the TAKE6IR+RF has RF control, you can control equipment which is out of sight, anywhere in your house, even through walls and ceilings.

- Take10
Universal Remote Control for up to 10 A/V devices, including TV, DVD, VCR, X10 Home Automation products and more. You don’t have to remember which network is on which channel, as the brightly displayed network icons on the full-colour LCD make it easy to surf different channels.
With your favourite personal buttons you have quick access to all your favourite channels. The remote can be set-up within 5 minutes and is easy to use and navigate.
As the TAKE10 has RF control, you can control equipment which is out of sight, anywhere in your house, even through walls and ceilings.
See you soon.
The EuroX10 team
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