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This month we launch some more Z-Wave new products, in highlight we have the X10 products from Ebode and the LightSpeaker, the light with music.

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This month we increase our Z-Wave offer. New Residential Gateways, highlight to the new Vera 3. New micromodules from Aeon Labs, with energy measurement. New motion and flood detectors from Everspring and the new wall controller from Z-Wave.Me. Check the news here:

  Ebode X10

This month the highlight goes to X10 Ebode products. Completely compatible with all X10 devices, the Ebode ones present a recent and better design.

The Ebode products cover all the functionalities of the conventional X10 products, but has the specialty of the wireless modules that are powered by batteries and don’t need any connection to the power line.

The following link takes us to a page where we can browse the fantastic Ebode offer with all the essential details to an easy understanding.


The Ebode lightspeaker is inside of a unique class because it combines low consumption LED illumination with wireless digital sound, all in a “Plug and Play” system, simple to use and install. Fits in a standard E27 screw socket (ex. Lamps, buit-in lamps).


Aeon Labs
The Z-Wave products from Aeon Labs are in promotion. Don`t lose the fantastic opportunity.

more info

Some X10 products from Ebode are in promotion. Complete or Start your X10 Network with the Ebode solutions.

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In this domodica we talk about a possible solution to integrate the new Z-Wave modules. In this solution, we will have the residential gateway ZWmcvVERA3 or ZWmcvVERAL as a central device. The gateway will work as a controller and will receive the data from various micromodules and other devices from the Z-Wave network. The solution is very likely with others presented before using the Fibaro micromodules, the great news this time is the micromodules from Aeon Labs that has the possibility to measure the energy on real time or for a period of time.

As we can see in the scheme, the shutter/blind micromodule ZWaeoMMC, the dimmer ZWaeoMSEI and the ON/OFF actuator ZWaeoMSES, will actuate the respective associated applications, but at the same time will read the energy consumption and will send this information to the gateway. The solution will provide crucial information for a correct energy management. You can know which modules are consuming more energy and take the measure that seems appropriate.

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