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The Vera 3 and Vera Lite are most flexible, powerful and affordable Z-Wave home controller on the market today.

The UI5 that is supplied with the hardware allows the installation of several app created by numerous software developers that adds functionalities and allows the integration of hardware from others manufacturers.

Since both solutions are similar in many points, it’s appropriate to explain the difference between the two solutions from North American manufacturer micasaverde.

VeraLite is created for users that already have a Wi-Fi router and want to add home control at the most affordable price.

VeraLite runs the same home control engine with all the capabilities of Vera3, and it is perfect for users that want to control fewer than 50 devices.
Vera 3 has a faster processor, more memory for downloading apps and upgraded Wi-Fi, Vera3 is more powerful than ever. Heavy users with multiple device types and plugins will find Vera 3 is up to the challenge.

    Vera Lite   Vera 3
CPU   500MHz MiPS SO   500MHz MiPS SoC
Flash Nand   32MB   32MB
Memory   DDR2 64MB   DDR2 128MB
USB ports   1   1
WAN ports   n.d.   1
LAN ports   1   4
Z-Wave   Built-in with internal antenna   Built-in with internal antenna
WiFi   n.d.   IEEE 802.11n
Dimensions (LxPxA)   116x95x44mm   177x130x34mm
Batery pack   4 AA batteries (included)   External, Rechargeable

The Vera Gateway have the followin functionalities:
  • Convenient User Interface (UI) – Vera’s easy-to-follow setup process will have you up and running in no time.
  • Compatibility with over 550 certified Z-Wave devices.

  • No Monthly Fees – Access your Vera network for free from any internet browsing device including your PC, tablet and smartphone. (PC, MAC, Linux, iPhone, Android, Smartphne,Tablet, etc.).

  • Expandable Applications—Access a library of downloadable apps – from live video streaming to advanced energy monitoring to alarm panel integration.

  • Energy Monitoring – Vera’s advanced energy metering capabilities empower you to take control of your energy bill and start saving money.

  • Protect Your Home and Family – the system ca send event notifications to your PC or smartphone and monitor your house from remote locations.

  • Scene configuration – its possible to configure scenes and timers that allows you to combine several actions with different types of devices. For example, it’s possible to create scene that closes all shutters an turns off all the lights. The scenes can be activated using wireless push buttons, on the Vera user interface or the app on smartphone/tablets.

The remote access to the Vera can be done using any device with access to the local network and internet and a web browser. For mobile devices or smartphones micasasaverde provides an alternative access adapted to the device screen resolution. iPhone, iPad users can use dedicated app like iVera, SQ Remote and Automator.App (some of these app require an license). Android users also have app like Home Buddy, Auto HTN, Veralert and Hal Remote.

Advaced users can use the API’s supplied by micasacerde to develop their own app’s or to add new functions to the Vera (like new devices integration).
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