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With all the buzz that Z-Wave is creating,, has decided to launch a special newsletter with several application examples using Z-Wave solutions. You’ll find in the domodica area several interesting situations that you can use.

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New Products  
The IP Camara IP firmware of this IP camera is optimized to be used with the Vera interfaces (Vera 3 e Vera Lite).

Wireless device can be used to monitor parameters like movement, temperature and luminosity in interior or exterior environments.

This keyfob is very functional and can be used to control up to four Z-Wave devices/groups or scenes. It is fully supported on the IP Gateways like Vera.

This device allows the control of air conditioning devices using IR signals, allowing the control of these devices via Z-Wave.

The wireless Z-Wave remote is compatible with multi channel devices like the modules from Fibaro.

Gateway Z-Wave Vera Lite
VERA lite is designed to save energy, increase security, enhance home theater experience and to give you a more affordable Z-Wave home controller. It allows to connect to any WIFI network. Connect to Vera lite from anywhere in the world with no monthly fee using your iPhone, iPad, Android phone PC or other web browsing device. Vera Lite supports every certified Z-Wave device so you can pick the accessory device you bundle with Vera lite.
Preço: 183,27 €
Preço: 159,99 €
Micromódulo dimmer
The Aeon Labs Micro Energy Illuminator is a Z-Wave light dimmer specifically used to enable Z- Wave command and control (on/off/dim) for existing in-wall dimmers. The wireless module is powered from the mains supply and is a three-wire design which requires a neutral connection. In the event of power failure, non-volatile memory retains all programmed information relating to the units operating status.
Preço: 49,99 €
Preço: 45,99 €
Pack of 5 FIBARO
5 x FIBARO insert modules of your choice:
   ZWfibFGR221 – Blind Control Insert
   ZWfibFGS211 - Relay Insert 1 * 3 KW
   ZWfibFGS221 – Relay Insert 2 * 1.5 KW
   ZWfibFGD211 - Universal Dimmer 500W Insert Module
Note: When ordering, in the observation field please define the references and quantities of your choice.
Precio: 53,99€ cada!!
Pack of 10 FIBARO

5 x FIBARO insert modules of your choice:
   ZWfibFGR221 – Blind Control Insert
   ZWfibFGS211 - Relay Insert 1 * 3 KW
   ZWfibFGS221 – Relay Insert 2 * 1.5 KW
   ZWfibFGD211 - Universal Dimmer 500W Insert Module
Note: When ordering, in the observation field please define the references and quantities of your choice.
Precio: 50,99€ cada!!

Controlling air conditioning devices

To control air conditioning (AC) devices it’s necessary to use Remotec ZWremZXT120. The device receives Z-Wave orders and send IR (infrared) signals to the AC units. The IR signals are sent by 5 emitters that allow an hemispheric coverage, or if required they can be sent using an external IR emitter (optional).

The ZWremZXT120 has a built in temperature probe and allows the user to remotely change the temperature and working mode of the AC unit.

The ZWremZXT120 has a built in IR code library that covers a wide range of manufacturers of AC units (Daikin, Fujitsu, Hitashi, Haier, LG, Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy, Panasonic, Sanyo, Sharp, etc.) and also has IR learning capability.

At this moment the ZWremZXT120 is fully supported by IP Gateways like the Vera Lite e Vera 3 from Micasaverde and will be supported by the Fibaro Home Center 2 (in December is going to be released a new firmware version that supports this device).

Controlling electric gates using Z-Wave

To control electric gates using Z-Wave devices it’s necessary that the control mechanism of the gate has one input that allows the use of push-buttons and it’s necessary to use a device that has potential free output that can be configured to make a short impulse.

For this type of application the recommended module is the Fibaro ZWfibFGS211. To be used in this application the parameters 3 and 4 must be configured with the values 0 and 100.

Power consumption measurement using the Micasaverde Vera Gateways

The IP Gateways from Micasaverde Vera Lite e Vera 3 have a built in application that allows us to measure and monitor the electric consumption of your house and appliances using devices that can measure in real time how much energy is being consumed by your house or appliances or by estimating how much energy is being consumed by your devices. You also have access to a log and graphic diagrams that represent the power consumption.

The power consumption can be measured in real time using equipment that have clamp meters that is installed on the mains circuit board of the house (there are versions destined to be used on single phase and three phase installations). Alternatively when Z-wave devices with power measurement are used, the consumption can be measured by device. Everspring and Aeon Labs/Aeotec have actuators that have built in power measurement systems.

The estimation method is made by inserting on the Vera Lite e Vera 3 interface the value of power consumption that the load connected to each device has. When the load is activated the Vera assumes calculates that the equipment consumed x Watts during the time interval when the load was activated, giving the result in Wh (watts hour).

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