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With Christmas coming, it's always a challenge to choose an outstanding and unforgettable gift.
EuroX10 has prepared a Christmas showcase with original solutions for a different offer.

Check out our suggestions!

Happy Holidays,
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PK_DIO_01 - Christmas Pack by DI-O
EuroX10 offers you a perfect outdoor light set in each order of DI-O's 3500W 3 channel actuator + Outdoor technical housing IP56.

39,15 €
ebode socket control pack
Pack to control by radio 3 sockets with ebode socket devices.

91,72 €
X10 Starter bundle
The Plug and Play System is the best for those who want to start in the home automation area.
Learn to control remotely the lights and appliances in your house, in just a few minutes.
It’s very easy to install. Moreover, you can increase you home automation system by adding more X10 modules.

44,28 €
PK_IPHONEX10_01 - X10 iPhone Basic kit
Now is possible to control X10 applications with iPhone, any place in the globe. Installing the X10 Commander software in your PC and iPhone, allows you to control the X10 existing applications and the ones included in this Pack.

111,49 €
IPV38 - ebode IP Camera
Latest generation IP camera that is easy to install for end users and gives wireless video everywhere, for example, in the smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop.

99,00 €
Digital Wireless Colour Camera Recordable CCTV Kit
The Digital Wireless Colour Camera Recordable CCTV Kit is a wireless security system designed to view and capture video clips of any motion viewed by the wireless camera and store them in on a memory card. The wireless camera supplied is colour, weatherproof and suitable for day/night use for the protection of your home or office, etc.

197,99 €
Wireless A/V HD Sender/Receiver
The ebode DVLHD22 replaces your current HDMI cable. The system, consisting of a transmitter and a receiver, wirelessly streams uncompressed High-Definition videos from any HD video source device to your HD TV (or projector), placed anywhere in your home. The operating range is up to 20 meter line of sight.

349,00 €
Take10 - 10 in 1 Universal remote control
Universal Remote Control for up to 10 A/V devices, including TV, DVD, VCR, X10 Home Automation products and more.
You don’t have to remember which network is on which channel, as the brightly displayed network icons on the full-colour LCD make it easy to surf different channels.

71,47 €
LS 5.2.2 - LightSpeaker
Nothing is more powerful than music. In a single note, it has the ability to make you laugh, cry, dance, even take you back to an exact moment in time. Now, the magic of music blends with cutting edge LED Lighting technology to bring you a whole new way to experience music in your home – hidden within your light fixture!

549,00 €
ZWmcvVistaCam - VistaCam IP camera
VistaCam by Mi Casa Verde is a compact Indoor IP camera that supports both wired and wireless installation. Mi Casa Verde Technical Support Team pre-provisions each VistaCam so it works right out of the box with Vera! Set-up doesn’t get any easier.
Whether for Home, Business, Facility surveillance, or just for fun, the VistaCam easy to install and has all the features users need at an affordable price!

135,30 €
ZWevrAN1572 - Socket module
This device is a switch plug-in and is used between a standard Schuko wall outlet and lamps connected to a wall outlet by cable. The unit is rated IP 20 and can therefore be used in dry environments only.
The unit is included into a Z-Wave network by a remote control, PC software or any other kind of Z-Wave controller. It switches all kinds of loads. Local operation is possible by pressing the button on the device.

35,67 €
ZWmcvVERAL - Z-Wave Gateway Vera Lite
VERA lite is designed to save energy, increase home and small business security and enhance home theater experience. To give you a more affordable Z-Wave home controller. VERA lite comes with WIFI and is therefore perfect for installations where WIFI is already installed.

159,99 €
54735 - Pack Simple Switch + Actuator 1000W
This kit allows the control of loads up to 1000W, for example lamps and electric appliances. The control is done via the simple wall switch. This set is wireless, and is easy to install and configure.

28,90 €
54385 - ECOWATT 850 with USB
The measurement and monitoring of energy are essential to energy management. This information is necessary to know how and when you can save money. The monitor displays the amount of energy consumed in the residence at the time in which the screen is read. The display can also show the financial value of the consumption made. With this device, you can check what is happening in your home: plug and unplug an appliance and see the difference.

99,00 €
Pack with 3 Chanel Remote + 3 1000W Actuator Modules
This pack allows the control of up to 3 1000W actuators modules. Using the command is possible to on / off the receivers and the loads which they are controlling.

44,90 €
Pack with Remote Control + 500W Shutter/Blind micromodule
This kit allows wireless control of the shutter/blinds with power up to 500W. Installing the micromodule to control the engine and connected to a switch, the shutter/blinds can be controlled locally by the switch, or wirelessly through a mini remote with 1 channel. In addition to controlling the shutter, the micromodule can also be used to control an illumination circuit. The receiver is compatible with the DI-O transmitters such as remotes or switches.

33,21 €
54771 - Programmable Remote Control
The wireless programmable controller is quite complete, allowing several features not found in other DI-O remote controllers. It has an LCD screen that lets you view the required information.

25,11 €
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