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Dear Client,

INSTEON has arrived to Europe! The best Christmas present to any X10 existing network.

INSTEON has a complete set of actuators and interfaces to build a complete Home Automation solution. As it is X10 compatible it can be applied together with X10 actuators.

INSTEON enables simple, low-cost devices to be networked together using the powerline (PLC), radio (RF) or both. All INSTEON devices are peers, meaning that any device can transmit, receive or repeat other messages without requiring a master controller or complex routing software. Adding more devices makes an Insteon network more robust, because the devices repeat each other’s messages by simulcasting them at precisely the same time, so with more devices the Insteon signal gets stronger. On the powerline, Insteon devices can also be compatible with legacy X10 devices. The products most important characteristic is simplicity!

Features as the web and Smartphone interfaces (iOS and Android free apps) for local and remote control are available using single stand alone equipment, the INSTEON HUB, which also provides configuration and scenery building tools.

Other important characteristics are:
  • Dual mesh-network (RF, PLC or both)

  • Backwards compatible with X10

  • Reliable

  • Affordable
  • Instantly responsive

  • Safe

  • Easy to install

  • Simple to operate

  • Visit for more information.
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