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The arrival of a new year requires a balance of the one who has passed, imposes a perspective on the times ahead and that stemmed profitable in this new world of home automation.

In 2012 we saw the range Z-Wave to grow in a surprising manner with many relevant solutions. Even at the end of the year has arrived INSTEON which brought a breath of fresh air to X10, maintaining PLC networks as an alternative to consider.
We make this month an exhibition of home automation technologies that can be found on the site EuroX10 to familiarize yourself with the catalog and information.
Technology with decades of existence and in use in many networks worldwide. It is a simpler protocol than the latest Z-Wave and INSTEON but with very current solutions.

More information on:
You can find all the equipment X10 in the areas Easy X10, Professional X10 e Micromodules X10.
Will find safety equipment that "speak" X10 in the Prime, iConnect, PowerMax + PRO or HomeProtector ranges;
There are X10 complements with compatible equipment such as home automation ebode

Popular Equipment:

CM15 - Module for PC   S3160M - Blinds Micro-Module AD10 - DIN Rail Actuator
Standard for wireless home automation. With enormous growth in the past two years, the Z-Wave now presents itself as an extremely valuable option for new home automation networks. Full-level specifications, reliable and versatile.

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There is an area dedicated to Z-Wave in the EuroX10 which is organized by manufacturer. You can find brands such as:

Fibaro    micasaverde    AEon    Everspring    danfoss
but many others are available. Note that you will not have to focus on a single brand, because the Z-Wave protocol requires that all devices are compatible, regardless of brand.

Popular Equipment:

ZWmcvVERAL - Gateway
Z-Wave Vera Lite
  micromodule fibaro ZWevrAN1582 - Taking On / Off
with power meter
Very popular in the USA, now enters Europe with a growing range. Has as its main trumps the technology in dual channel (radio and power line) and compatibility with X10.

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You can find all INSTEON devices in the EuroX10 here:

Popular Equipment:

INS_2242-422 - INSTEON Hub   INS_2633-432 - On/Off Module - Shucko INS_2453-422 - Actuator On/Off for DIN rail
Economic wireless system, with very practical automation solutions for those who need to optimize the electrical installation of their home rather than an integrated home automation system. Wins a lot when used in conjunction with the central IP MyFox.

More information:

Entire DIO offer here:

Popular Equipment:

FO_0102 - Central MyFox IP   54751 - Pack 3 Modules
blinds 500W
54797 - Pack 3 channels remote control
+ 3 module actuators 1000W

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