April ' 2014
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In April we have very interesting proposals to automate your space. Domotic solutions that are more and more user friendly, new releases, and of course promotions!

Fibaro Z-Wave motion sensor is already available, always very discrete, with an extremely careful design as usual. A real concentrate of technology.

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ZWFIBFGMS-001 Fibaro motion sensors
The Fibaro motion detector is a Z-Wave multifunction movement sensor. In addition to sensing movement, the sensor is able to measure the ambient temperature and light intensity. The detector has a built-in accelerometer that detects any movement of the sensor, functioning as protection against sabotage. Powered by a lithium battery, is designed to be easily mounted on any surface. The LED module signals the movement, temperature level, mode of operation and also indicates if the equipment is integrated into the Z-Wave network. The detector can be used in scenarios of lighting control and security systems.

ZWFIBFGMS-001  - 59,99 €
Netatmo_WS Net Atmo
A personal weather station with sensors that determine air quality for iOS and Android devices. Also compatible with VERA 3, Vera Lite and Home Center 3 (*) gateways. With the Netatmo weather station you can increase yours wellbeing and adapt yours activities, taking into account of the air quality both inside and outside your home. This device evaluates the quality of the air confined inside your home by measuring its CO2 concentration. When the C02 reaches an excessive level, the weather station Netatmo send an alert directly to your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android terminal, so you can act and ventilate the division/home.
(*) When available!!

Netatmo_WS  - 169,00 €
ZWphiPAN04 ZWphiPAN04 - micro actuator module with 2 outputs of 1.5kW with energy measurement
The Philio micro actuator module with 2 outputs lets you control two independent loads through both the Z-Wave network and locally associated with a traditional wall switch. Thanks to its calibration technology the PAN04 can not only be used to switch ON/OFF AC devices, but also works perfectly with different types of light, p. ex. incandescent, fluorescent and LEDs. This micro actuator module has power meter functions and is able to measure the instantaneous power consumption and accumulated energy. Moreover, the PAN04 provides overload protection.
ZWphiPAN04  - 58,99 €
The range of Duwi Z-Wave switches is in promotion! In installations where micro modules are not an option due to lack of space the switch box, the solution is complete Z-Wave switches, and the is the wider range is from Duwie. Until the end of the current stock these devices will be with great prices!

ZWduw05457 - ON/OFF switch for Duro 2000
ZWduw05458 - Dimmer switch for Duro 2000
ZWduw05459 - Blinds switch for Duro 2000
ZWduw054313 - ON/OFF switch for Everlux
ZWduw054337 - Dimmer switch for Everlux
ZWduw054368 - Blinds switch for Everlux
36,89 €  60,48 €

ZWzme05460 - Batteries wall controller for Duro 2000
ZWzmeWCD1 - Batteries dual wall controller for Duro 2000
ZWzme054436 - Batteries wall controller for Everlux
43,05 €  60,48 €
PK_SEC_CPGW Commpact 5 pieces Promotion kit, another excellent opportunity to acquire a professional alarm system. With warnings for personal mobile phones (SMS, voice call, email) and full control via iOS/Android APP. No monthly fees or covenants.

Requires a GSM card with an active data account. Contact us!

PK_SEC_CPGW - Commpact 5 pieces kit
399,99 €  456,77 €
Promotions Weekend promotions
At the weekend the EuroX10 still offers the best equipment with the best prices.

Weekend promotions
RFXtrx433 - 433Mhz USB TRANSCEIVERS with antenna
Do you know that with this device you can control your X10, Ebode, Insteon, DI-O among many others devices from your VERA?
The RFXtrx433 is a transceiver that lets you add to the VERA’s Gateways the capacity of transmission/reception of 433MHz RF signals used by other automation, security or telemetry equipments (sensors, consumption meters, etc.).
This interface is compatible with protocols such as X10 RF, Chacon/DI.O, Ebode/Xdom, Visonic Powercode, etc.
RFXtrx433 One possible application of the set Gateway VERA + RFXtrx433 is the upgrading of automation systems based on X10 and/or Chacon/DI.O technologies. The  Chacon/DI.O modules receive orders directly through RFXtrx443. To control X10 you have to have one equipment in the network that converts the RF signals into powerline signals (such as a TM13G, S4022, CM15, etc.).
The RFXtrx still allows reception of signals from Visonic security sensors from the Powercode 433MHz series, various meteorological sensors or even telemetry equipment which among other things can monitor energy consumption or water.

RFXtrx433 - 433Mhz USB TRANSCEIVERS with antenna
99,99 €
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