May ' 2014
Dear client,

May brings higher temperatures, longer and sunnier days. It is time to prepare your house for the heat, optimizing the use of blinds and HVAC systems.

In May, feel like getting out and enjoying warmer week-ends away from home. It’s important that your space remains safe and monitored by someone who really cares, you!

See you soon,
The Team

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  Z-Wave RGBW LED Lamp from Zipato

Home lighting has just become more fun and comfortable. By using Zipato RGBW Lamp, consumers can control the color and intensity of home lights by just using their smartphones. Comparing to similar products available on the market, Zipato RGBW bulb additionally has separate warm and cold white color LEDs. These way customers can use Zipato RGBW bulb for both colorful environment and regular white lighting. Furthermore, it is possible to set a temperature of white light according to customer’s specific needs, colder white for lighting and warm white for cozier environment.

ZWzipRGBWE27W.EU  - 58,99 €
  Range of tubular motor for shutters DI-O.

Complete kit with actuator and remote control. Allows you to automate, centralize and remotely control your shutters. Compatible with the full range of DI-O by Chacon (wireless switches, remote controls, programmable remote control, darkness detectors, etc..).
Available for various types and sizes:

Tubular motor 40mm 10Nm, with wireless actuator and remote;
Tubular motor 60mm 10Nm, with wireless actuator and remote;
Tubular motor 60mm 20Nm, with wireless actuator and remote;
Tubular motor 60mm 40Nm, with wireless actuator and remote;
Tubular motor 60mm 50Nm, with wireless actuator and remote.

from - 89,99 €

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  Commpact 5 pieces Promotion kit

Offer of set of warning signs in rigid PVC
Professional alarm system. With warnings for personal mobile phones (SMS, Voice Call, Email) and fully controlable via iOS/Android APP. No monthly fees or covenants.

Requires a GSM card with an active data account.

PK_SEC_CPGW - Commpact 5 pieces kit
399,99 €  456,77 €
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  Promotion Pack of 3 AW12

The AW12 works as load actuator (On/Off). Sufficiently small (46 x 46 x 17 mm) to fit on a wall switch box behind a switch. Works with any X-10 controller as it is a X-10 receiver module. The internal relay can also be triggered externally by conventional switches or pushbuttons.

PK3_AW12 - Pack 3 Switch actuator with interface
Individual price: 32,59 €!
97,76 €  122,42€
fds_promo_pt.jpg   Weekend promotions

At the weekend the EuroX10 still offers the best equipment with the best prices.

Weekend promotions

Use of new DI-O shutters engines

Using the launch of the DI-O tubular motors for shutters, already with actuator and remote control included, we suggest an application with multiple controllers in a hybrid Z-Wave + DI-O system.

The bridge between protocols is done by intelligent transmitter RFXtrx433 (connected by USB to a Z-Wave gateway VERA3/VERAlite) or with the transmitter 433Mhz Zipato on the gateway of the Croatian manufacturer.


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