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    PLAYBULB reflector

    €51.99 incl tax
    PLAYBULB reflector is a color changing app controlled light bulb with 16 million RGB colors. A free app is used to control the light on/off, adjust the light brightness, select RGB colors / light effects, set timer and control other functions. Users can shake phone to change light bulb colors randomly. It is absolutely wireless, and you just need to screw it into any E26 / E27 screw base and then turn it on / off like an ordinary light bulb. The app can run on both Apple and Android devices. It is a leading edge smart home device, especially ideal to be used at home for the smartness as well as the entertainment.

    PLAYBULB sphere

    €54.99 incl tax
    PLAYBULB sphere is a Bluetooth colorized ball lamp and mainly used as indoor decorative bulb. With free app control, you can change its brightness, control ON/ OFF, RGB colors, light effects, set timers, security mode, control in groups and can collect colors from additional pictures to make it display and other functions. You can also change its colors by patting its glass light ball or shake your phone. Different from the traditional light bulb, PLAYBULB sphere comes with wireless charger itself on the bottom, so you don’t need to match extra power supply unit.

    PLAYBULB spot

    €39.99 incl tax
    PLAYBULB spot is a standard GU10 spotlight, most suitable for home decoration lamp. It enables you to control its brightness, colors, light effects, and timer function, etc. Under the status of power on, you can turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile phone to connect it with PLAYBULB X. In white lamp mode, you can shake the mobile phone to change the brightness. In color mode, you can shake to change the colors. The preset name is PLAYBULB spot, but you can change it via PLAYBULB X.