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    COMBO P.I.R. & glass break detector

    €30.87 incl tax
    The JS-25 COMBO is an outstanding "two in one" detector, which dramatically simplifies alarm installations.. This detector combines two sensors (P.I.R. motion & acoustic glass break) in one housing.

    USB 2.0 A/A Cable

    €6.09 incl tax
    Usb cable with 1,6m, used to connect the PC to the iConnect, for programming.

    Dual Technology Digital PIR Detector

    Next Duo
    €44.28 incl tax
    The Next Duo is a Dual Technology Digital Detector designed to prevent false alarms due to interferences in residential and light commercial environments. A passive infrared (PIR) sensor and a complementary active microwave sensor are combined in a single unit, giving Next Duo an unprecedented capacity to distinguish between the motion of a human body and any other disturbance.

    Replacement Battery for iConnect

    €48.40 incl tax
    Replacement NiMH battery pack for the iConnect console.

    VIVO glass break detector

    €23.74 incl tax
    The GBS-210 glass break detector detects the breaking of glass windows.

    Magnetic Door Sensor

    €3.08 incl tax
    Magnetic door sensor Normaly closed contact

    Magnetic Door Sensor

    €5.29 incl tax
    Magnetic door sensor Normaly closed contact

    Gas Leak Detector (12VDC)

    €61.50 incl tax
    The GS-133 detects all mixtures of air and combustible gas (Natural Gas, Methane, Propane, Butane, Acetylene, GPL, etc). The detector detects two levels of gas concentration - with corresponding output reactions.
    The main GS-133 features are: high reliability and sensitivity, compact size and long stability & lifetime.

    Dual zone PIR motion sensor

    €48.09 incl tax
    The detector is intended to detect human body movement in buildings. Using two sensors ensures better immunity against triggering by moving pets.
    The signal is processed by a multiple signal analysis method which guarantees excellent sensitivity and a high resistance to false alarms. Detection analysis can be adjusted to increase its immunity (if installed in a problematic location). The detector distinguishes itself with excellent immunity against high frequency interference and other false signals. It can be installed on a flat wall or in a corner.